“So there was the scene…”- Back When Sydney Sweeney Had to Justify Having a Stunt Double on ‘Euphoria’ for a Scene With Maddy

“So there was the scene…”- Back When Sydney Sweeney Had to Justify Having a Stunt Double on ‘Euphoria’ for a Scene With Maddy

Over the years, actors have been taking some memories from movie sets. For some, it is tangible like clothes or decorative items, while for others, their scars become that unforgettable souvenir. The mishaps sometimes take place even after the team keeps an eye on safety measures and precautions. This is what happened with Sydney Sweeney when she was shooting the second season of Euphoria. The American actress later tried to justify having a stunt double in a scene with Alexa Demie.

Last month, the 25-year-old star sat down with British GQ to take part in their famous Actually Me session. In this interview, actors go undercover on the internet and reply to some intriguing questions from fans. During the session, the Sydney Sweeney got a comment which asked why she needed a stunt double while shooting Euphoria.

In her response, the Emmy winner revealed that the stunt double came in because she was in the emergency room at that time. “My toe shattered and so there was the scene when she’s running down the hall and she gets up against the wall,” explained the Reality star.

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But fans need not worry because Sweeney is completely fine now, like she wrote in the comment section.

How did Sydney Sweeney got injured on the set of Euphoria? 

Everything came to a head in season 2 episode 8 of the teen drama when Maddy fought with Cassie. Things got heated between these two after Cassie screamed about Nate cheating on his girlfriend on stage. In the scene, Maddy slapped Cassie and then chased her to the collider and threw her against the wall. Because of the rush and running in the scene, Sydney Sweeney got injured during the shoot and had to switch up with a stunt double.

Moreover, during her appearance on The Late Late Night Show, the Washington native hinted that her co-star Alexa Demie broke her toe while filming the fight scene. She explained that the singer accidentally stepped on her foot and it exploded.

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In fact, the bigger shocker was that the Waves star didn’t know about it because she never told her. It is certainly astounding that her toe broke into three pieces and she still managed to work it all out.

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