Terry Perry’s Madea To Return In A Netflix Movie- ‘A Madea Homecoming’- Everything You Need To Know

Terry Perry’s Madea To Return In A Netflix Movie- ‘A Madea Homecoming’- Everything You Need To Know

With covid-19 tickling our cells and body to death; the world has almost forgotten to cherish the merry yellows of their lives. It has become grey and cold and almost lifeless. But someone is here to fill our life with belly-aching laughter and make it vibrant again. Yes! Madea is coming back to Netflix on 25 February 2022 to put you in the jocular mood yet again.

What made Tyler Perry bring Madea back to Netflix?

Tyler Perry, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, mentions how he believes that the world is in desperate need of a buoyant comedy-drama. And, well, no one could do any better than Perry’s Madea. Although Perry earlier felt “like putting on gloves” he’s worn before, he decided to end her retirement. The mere thought of making this world a better place made him have a change of heart.

“I was looking at the state of the world and how polarized it is… nobody’s laughing,” the writer-director-producer tells EW. “Nobody’s getting the chance to belly-laugh anymore. And I’m like, ‘What tool do I have in my arsenal that can bring that kind of laughter?'”

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What is Madea bringing to our homes this time?

The official synopsis of A Madea Homecoming declared “Madea’s back — hallelujer!” This time it’s about her great grandson’s graduation and the family drama and deeper secrets that almost put a halt to it. We do not have insights of all the “deeper secrets” or “family drama” till now. However, Madea, the carefree woman, will surely be a barrel of laughs!

Further, Perry teases in the interview that he will bring an LGBTQ+ subplot through which the director hopes sends a message of inclusion to audiences. “How long does it have to be before you understand something?” says Perry, referring to those who harbor anti-LGBTQ sentiment. “Even if you don’t understand, be open… I just think that if everything gets accepted in love, then you get a chance to see the person for who they are rather than what you think they are.”

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Who all are coming with Madea to bring the sunny days back?

The film features all-stars of the Madea franchise, including Tamela J. Mann (Cora), David Mann (Mr. Brown), Cassi Davis (Aunt Bam), Brandon Black (Tim), and Isha Blaaker (Davi), as well as a guest appearance from Irish actor Brendan O’Carroll, best known for portraying the potty-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown on stage and in the BBC sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys, per EW.

Unfortunately, we do not have an official teaser of the movie. But one thing we are sure about is that it comes with a lot of laughter, joy and will bring merry time into our life. Let us know in the comment section how Madea makes you laugh the hardest on February 25th!

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