‘Tell Me Lies’ Is Streaming On Hulu, But Can You Watch The Dark and Sensual Drama Series on Netflix?

‘Tell Me Lies’ Is Streaming On Hulu, But Can You Watch The Dark and Sensual Drama Series on Netflix?

This fall, the streaming giants worldwide would be adding a myriad of shows and movies to their platforms. The expansion of their libraries has already started since the dusk of August. While the American streamer saw a spike in its Anime content the last week, platforms like Hulu and Disney+ have also geared up to add more titles to their screens. For instance, a new series by the name Tell Me Lies, an irrevocable rom-com series is taken up by Hulu.

There have been many rumors about the host of the above-mentioned. This upcoming series would be a solely Hulu original series. Hence, its availability on other OTT platforms is still a big question mark. But thankfully, we have got questions. Here’s a complete detailed analysis of the movie and other details, covering its availability on Netflix.

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Where can you watch Tell Me Lies and is it available on Netflix?

The good news is that Tell Me Lies landed on Hulu today, that is the 7th of September, 2022. It hasn’t got all episodes of the first season. This is because the producers have decided to keep it one episode per day. Nevertheless, the first season will be available for America soon. However, the bad news is that it will not be available to the US audience through Netflix. As already mentioned, this is a Hulu exclusive. The series hasn’t signed any deals with any other platforms yet.

A good relief is, that Hulu has a free trial period of 30 days. Hence, if you’re certain enough to complete the series within a month, you would not be facing a problem. But if by bad luck, the host decides to hold back the episodes, you will have to take a legit subscription for the same. For non–Americans, there’s also a way out since VPNs are a thing. Through VPS like Express and Proton, you can have free access to all the episodes for as long as you want.

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As of now, all that we know about the series is that it is about a woman who falls a bit too hard for a prince charming. By the tone, this must have surely given you a typical college-love story vibe. But trust us, there is more than what meets the eye. We would leave it up to you to discover what this unique series is all about.

As per reports, Grace Van Patten leads the line of the cast of Tell Me Lies. Its IMDB page names other actors like Jackson James White, Benjamin Wadsworth, Spencer House, Natalee Linez, Catherine Missal, Edmund Donovan, Sonia Mena, Gabriella Pession, and Branden Cook. This upcoming series is reportedly produced by Emma Roberts with her production company.

What are your views about this series? And how would you like to watch it? Do let us know for sure.

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