Netflix Gets 13 New Anime Titles as Part of Nippon TV deal, Here’s The List and Release Details

Netflix Gets 13 New Anime Titles as Part of Nippon TV deal, Here’s The List and Release Details

Netflix is home to innumerable series and movies that it boasts about quite proudly. Ever since airing its first Anime with Blame! in 2017. This came off two years after the platform was launched in Japan. Cut to 2022, Netflix has already made 211 anime entries in total. However, the list doesn’t stop here.

According to recent updates, Netflix will soon be adding a bunch of popular Anime Titles in 2022 to its platform. Here are the details about it.

Netflix is all set to add thirteen blockbuster Anime hits to its platform right away

Netflix and Japan’s streaming platform Nippon Tv have agreed to a new distribution deal according to which, the giant will be adding the following titles soon after August this year.

The first three titles that’ll be on Netflix’s screens on September 1 itself are Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Claymore, and the first 38 Episodes of Hunter X Hunter. The other titles that’ll soon follow the lead is a series of the Death Note saga which includes Death Note, Death Note: Relight 1, and Death Note: Relight 2.

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In addition to that, the best-ever Anime series to exist, Berserk will soon reach the American audience anytime in the next month. Other titles include, From Me to You, From Me to You S2, Parasyte: The Maxim, Nana, Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! and Monster.

This is all done to cater to the needs of the Anime fam that builds about half of its 222 million subscribers. Owing to such demand, the American streaming giant has signed various groundbreaking content agreements with Japan’s biggest entertainment companies.

The big AnimeJapan convention announcement

This isn’t all about it. Hold your breaths since Netflix is going to add another 40 Anime Titles in 2022 alone. This was confirmed by Netflix’s Head of Anime, Kohei Obara at the AnimeJapan convention in Tokyo this April. “we’re trying to diversify the programming by getting into, say, lean-back content, romantic dramas, and things that are different from what we’ve usually been pursuing,” said Obara.

The streamer would be bringing back one of the most popular Anime hits of all time, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, STONE OCEAN and Ghost in The Shell.

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So what do you guys think? Are you excited for this upcoming bash at Netflix? Do let us know in the comments below.

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