Tears! Kanye West Once Cried While Reflecting on His Controversial Statements

Tears! Kanye West Once Cried While Reflecting on His Controversial Statements

Releasing a chart breaker, making sure it breaks into every algorithm, rewriting another version of it, and producing it again. That’s what an artist does, right? In the case of Kanye West, a rapper who went from owning the adjective ‘genius’ to losing millions in both money and the masses, this holds true when it comes to making controversial statements.

Time and again, Ye makes a statement offensive enough to ignite a riot, makes sure it gets trending on social media, and then releases an improved and better controversial statement. However, once upon a time, the rapper broke this destructive cycle to take a moment and apologize for the comments he had made. In a moment of vulnerability, the rapper breaks down into tears while explaining his state of mind as he made those statements.

Kanye West once gave a tearjerking apology for his controversial statement

The White Lives Matter t-shirts were not Kanye West’s first stroke of hatred toward his own community; the rapper rightfully received heat for making controversial statements about slavery. In a 2018 interview with WGCI radio, the interviewer was respectful in pointing out the mistakes made by Ye. She further made sure that Ye doesn’t feel he is being cornered by stating that she believes in his power and that she wants him to “always speak for the betterment of Black people.

Gratitude was very much evident on the rapper’s face, which usually has a stone-cold look. Ye sincerely apologized and said, “I don’t know if I properly apologized for the slave comment and how it made people feel,” and went on to apologize for many things but most importantly, to the people who were let down by that comment. The rapper’s apology seemed so heartfelt that the interviewer, who was an African American woman, broke down into tears.

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And she was not the only one in the room to shed tears; Ye did too. The interview, although years behind, revolved around a topic that seems almost moderate by Ye’s standards today, rings loud, especially at this moment. As Kanye West goes on to compliment Hitler and make no amends for his hurtful actions, fans wonder if another tearful interview might do the College Dropout rapper some good.

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