Take the Grossest Big Mouth Quiz. See if You Can Win!

Take the Grossest Big Mouth Quiz. See if You Can Win!

Netflix released Big Mouth season 5 on November 5, 2021. But your binging hormone monster must have forced you to complete it. We can relate to your boredom, so we have got an event that will keep you busy. However, you would have to let calm the Jessi inside you for some time. The reason is we have got a Big Mouth quiz for you.

The rules are simple, as you have to answer only 15 multiple-choice questions. There are multiple stages with varying difficulty levels. You have six seconds for each question, so try your best.

Level I of the Big Mouth Quiz

The first level only had three questions, which were fairly easy to answer. Can you recollect Missy’s celebrity crush or which erotic thriller did the children perform as a school musical? The third question was asked the name given by Coach Steve to Shame Wizard. If your answers are Nathan Fillion, Disclosure, and Shane Lizard respectively, then you have aced this section.

Level II

This level focussed more on the supporting cast or the various cameos. The animated series features a plethora of guest appearances. So, can you guess what food item did Jon Hamm voice or who voiced the ghost of Duke Ellington?

The answers are Scallops, and Jordan Peele, and we know this section was slightly more difficult. So, don’t get demotivated if you couldn’t answer the questions.

Level III of the Big Mouth Quiz

The next two sections focus on the pop-culture references that are spread throughout Big Mouth. Big Mouth also had a crossover episode titled “Cafeteria Girls”. Who do you think featured in it?

The answer is “PEN15“, a show similar to Big Mouth, even so, it dodges our minds when needed the most.

The Ultimate Level

How good are you with names because this section will thoroughly test you? It was a traumatic event for the students when Andrew could finally poop at the camp. But do you remember the names given to his ‘kids’? Or Lola’s online streaming name? Your answers should be “Zack & Cody” and “Skumpy4Trumpy”.

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Let us know in the comments if you are a “Big D*ck Boy” or a “Disgusting Sex Monster”, depending on your score on the test.

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