Big Mouth Characters: The Love Triangle of Jessi, Ali, and Samira

Big Mouth Characters: The Love Triangle of Jessi, Ali, and Samira

The latest season of everyone’s favorite animated show is currently airing on Netflix, and it truly is captivating enough to lure everyone into watching it. Big Mouth is a show about a group of teenagers who are living their lives; while figuring stuff out about turning into an adult.

The Big Mouth characters are truly some of the most interesting people you will ever come across. But what is more interesting than these characters? Their stories. One such story is the love triangle of Jessi, Ali, and Samira.

Big Mouth Characters – A Depiction of Real Issues of Teenage

Teenage is supposed to be all about discovering your true self, and Big Mouth has very impressively shown that. We question everything while we are in our puberty; feelings, sexuality, decisions, and literally, everything. Jessi does exactly the same on this show. She finds herself having feelings for someone who is already in a relationship, and thus giving rise to a supposed love triangle.

All of us have at least one had feelings for someone who is already taken, and so does Jessi. Ali and Samira are the couples we are talking about, and Ali is the girl who has got the attention of Jessi. Even though Jessi is not exactly sure about how to feel about this; she is pretty much as confused as every other teenager who encounters such feelings. But unlike other teenagers, she has her hormone monsters to help her through it.

The Friendship of Jessi and Ali

Both girls share a superb bond with each other. They laugh, do weird stuff, and share everything. The fact that Ali literally snuck out of her home at night just to tell Jessi that she is a f**king bada** says a lot about how well these two connect. Right after Ali leaves for her home, Jessi has an urge to text her; even her lovebug can read the room and tell her that this is love.

When Jessi points out that she is into guys, Connie makes a joke about Jessi being into shirts. The love bug even says that she is not talking about sex. Instead, she is talking about love.

Samira and the Ultimatum

The quiet girl from the first few seasons of the show, Samira, is now Ali’s girlfriend, and she is not exactly who everybody thinks she is. Very clearly making fun of Jessi when Ali goes home with her rather than Jessi; Samira seems to be more wicked than we ever could imagine.

She is clearly jealous of Jessi, as she seems to have a great relationship with her girlfriend. Samira even goes on to give an ultimatum to Ali; making her choose between her and Jessi, which Ali doesn’t like at all. Of course, this all ends up in a breakup. Jessi feels sorry and even apologizes to Ali for breaking her and Samira up, but Ali points out that it was not her fault (even though technically it was).

What does the future hold for them?

Well, clearly, we are going to see more of Jessi and Ali together. Especially after Jessi clearly saw what the future can be with Ali as her partner. It is actually so heartwarming to see both these girls being there for each other through thick and thin; we all are rooting for them to be together, romantically. Yes, for now, they are friends, but we can never predict the future holds for these Big Mouth characters, can we?

Do you also think that it is really amazing that the Netflix show hasn’t labeled Jessi’s sexuality? Let us know in the comments.

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