Sydney Sweeney to Let Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo Her Without Qualms?

Sydney Sweeney to Let Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo Her Without Qualms?

Sydney Sweeney, despite acting ever since she was a kid, found her trademark role in the chaotic Cassie from HBO’s Euphoria. The actress wrapped up a divinely successful year with two Primetime Emmy nominations, two chart-topping series, and also a global fanbase. If the Internet is to believe, then Sydney Sweeney should be the next woman to choose Pete Davidson, given his exquisite history of dating some of the most beautiful and successful women in Hollywood.

However, the actress rejected Pete Davidson and chose Machine Gun Kelly instead. And before Megan Fox gets informed, we would like to make it clear that dating was not the subject. Sydney Sweeney chose Machine Gun Kelly over Pete Davidson as a tattoo artist.

Sydney Sweeney has faith in Machine Gun Kelly’s tattoo skills

Given how a hit series such as Euphoria, which entails a bone-chilling of the actress, shot her to fame, the audience often forgets that she has been acting for a while now. In 2019, the Euphoria fame worked alongside both Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly in Big Time Adolescence, and in 2021 again worked with Machine Gun Kelly for Downfalls High.

When asked in an interview, who among Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly would she choose to give her tattoo? Considering how both the actors are as equally inked up as one another, with Davidson reportedly having a 100 tattoo score, the actress was given a tough choice. But Sydney Sweeney did not hesitate before choosing the rapper.

I trust Colson more with a tattoo, and I think that he would do something that I’d want, so I’d probably do [my dog] Tank’s paw print or something. I feel like I could trust him.the actress told Elle UK. Additionally, Colson Baker is the actor’s real name, and Machine Gun Kelly is his stage name.

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Sydney Sweeney chose him as opposed to Pete Davidson, who would make “a funnier tattoo.” In the midst of all these discussions of tattoos, it is important to note that Sydney Sweeney does not have a single tattoo on her body. And while Sweeney may not have them due to needle phobia, Pete Davidson is on a journey to get them removed because of acting projects.

Do you agree with Syndey Sweeney on Machine Gun Kelly being a better tattoo artist? Let us know in the comments below.



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