Sydney Sweeney Reveals a Major Similarity Between Herself and NSA-Whistleblower Reality Winner

Sydney Sweeney Reveals a Major Similarity Between Herself and NSA-Whistleblower Reality Winner

When you portray a character on stage, the central key is always how you connect with it in personal ways. Knowing in and out of a character as well as you know yourself is important to bring it on screen. Of course, these links don’t just pop up naturally or evolve during rehearsals. But you find little moments to plant the memories, anecdotes, and backstory that the character has lived. Well, it looks like the American beauty Sydney Sweeney did the same in her new film based on a real-life incident.

The actress recently opened up about how she found the thing that connected her with the character she played.

Sydney Sweeney and Reality Winner have this one thing in common

Sydney Sweeney recently sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to talk about the movie Reality. During the Q&A session, she was asked about the first impression she had of the Reality Winner. In her response, the Euphoria star stated that she liked her sense of humor. “She loves traveling. She loves her pets. We shared our love of pets quite a bit. But she’s also very funny,” explained the 25-year-old.

The similarity she found in herself and the ex-Air Force linguist was pets. When the Emmy winner reread the transcripts, it was filled with mentions of animals. According to Sweeney, Winner was quite uncomfortable at that time because her story included so many dogs and cats.

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However, it might have been completely understandable for Sweeney, who adores animals deeply. She currently has a dog named Tank with whom she spends most of her free time.

The Washington native grew up with dogs 

People who follow The Handmaid’s Tale alum regularly might already know that she was always around dogs while growing up. She had a German Shepherd in her childhood who passed away when she was 13.

A few years after that, she found Tank at a local shelter where she visited with her great-grandmother. Sydney Sweeney instantly fall in love with that little puppy and adopted her. As of now, that little one has grown up as the actor recently posted a screenshot of the face time she did with Tank.

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What do you think about this animal lover and her cute partner? Drop your views in the comment section.

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