Sydney Sweeney Has a Favorite Type of Call, and It Does Not Involve Her Fiancé

Sydney Sweeney Has a Favorite Type of Call, and It Does Not Involve Her Fiancé

Sydney Sweeney might have become an international star, but she is a regular-simple girl from the inside. This small-town girl loves calling people, especially her family. But, despite her major attachment to her family, her favorite type of call does not involve them. In fact, her favorite call is not with her fiancé, Jonathan Davino. It is with a special friend of hers.

Sydney Sweeney is engaged and happily in love with Jonathan Davino. She also has loving friends and family. But, neither he nor her family is also not at the top of her list of favorite calls. Apparently, the special one whom the Sharp Objects actress likes to call is a girl, and she recently posted about it on her Instagram. It is none other than her dog, Tank.

The 25-year-old posted a picture of her call with her canine, captioning it, “My favorite calls.” Sweeney and Tank have been together since she was 17, which is about 8 years of togetherness. So, it is natural that she loves her so much and makes sure to call her whenever she is away for shoots. But do you know the story behind how these two met?

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How did Sydney Sweeney meet Tank?

Their love story goes back way before the Spokane native became a star. Apparently, she is a huge dog lover and had her first dog, a German Shepherd, when she was a kid. Sadly, it died when Sweeney was just 13 and after that, she lived without a dog for four long years. But as she turned 17, she decided that it was high time for her to adopt a dog and that is how she met Tank.

She told Elle UK that she felt that her family was incomplete without a dog. Hence, she decided to deal with it on her own, and eventually how she brought a cute little pitbull mix home without her parents’ permission.

The White Lotus actress revealed in an interview that her great-grandmother is a dog rescuer and loves supporting animal shelters. One day, when the 25-year-old visited her, she saw Tank there for the first time and brought her home without thinking twice.

Sweeney named her best friend Tank because she “wanted her to grow into a tank.” If that wasn’t enough to melt your heart, the Emmy-nominated actress often being spotted walking her dog around the streets will certainly do the job.

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