Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Most Challenging and Embarrassing Scenes She Had to Film

Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Most Challenging and Embarrassing Scenes She Had to Film

Sydney Sweeney is arguably one of the rising young talents in Hollywood and is slowly moving toward invincible fame. By showcasing her talent in Emmy Award-winning series like The White Lotus and Euphoria, she has proven her worth to the industry. Even Hollywood’s biggest stars, however, have some of the most difficult and embarrassing scenes that they will never forget. Sweeney has one of them too.

Last month, the actress did a session with GQ where she went “undercover on the internet.” She answered her fans’ queries on the internet through her social media account. She even created accounts on platforms like YouTube, Quora, and Reddit, where she was not active.

One very important questions were asked about the actress on Quora: what are the most challenging and embarrassing scenes she has done in her career? The answer will shock you.

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The most challenging scene done by Sydney Sweeney

The most challenging scene that the 25-year-old actress has done until now was from her initial show, The Handmaid’s Tale. In one of the scenes of the show, she had to go diving underwater with a heavy weight attached to her. She even sinks in that scene, and since she insisted on doing this stunt herself, she had to go through training.

She played the role of 15-year-old Eden Blaine in the show, who eventually marries a character named Nick in the show at a very young age. While answering the question about her most challenging scene, the Euphoria actress said, “Challenge means fun for me, so I like a good challenge.”

This was the most challenging scene the actress filmed in her 5-year-long career. This was not the only question the actress had answers. The next one had her talk about the most embarrassing scene in her career so far.

What was her most embarrassing scene?

According to the Spokane native, her character Cassie Howard from Euphoria embarrassed herself quite a lot, eventually embarrassing the small-town girl. She said that she loves losing herself in the characters she plays and even though Cassie embarrassed her a lot, she loved to be in her skin.

During the rest of her segment with GQ, the actress answered more questions about her career, including White Lotus filming, experienced working with Quentin Tarantino in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. She even shared the one character she would like Cassie to have more scenes with in Euphoria moving forward.

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