As Season 3 of ‘Euphoria’ Gets Confirmed, There Is One Character That Sydney Sweeney Wants Cassie to Have Screen Time with

As Season 3 of ‘Euphoria’ Gets Confirmed, There Is One Character That Sydney Sweeney Wants Cassie to Have Screen Time with

Cassie cast her magic quickly with season 2 of Euphoria. But with an increasing fan base, they as well as Sydney Sweeney want more for her. Like any other series, there are a few interesting characters in the HBO show who have not got the chance to mingle with each other much. There is one such character that Sweeney would want to be seen with as well.

Euphoria has its own love angles and pairs that are shipped, from Nate Jacobs and Maddy Perez to Elliot and Jules Vaughn. But there is one unlikely character that could get more time with Cassie Howard.

Sydney Sweeney shares how she wishes for Cassie to have a love interest in an unexpected character

As Euphoria moves ahead with its seasons, both the plots and the characters are evolving. While Cassie’s character has been through a lot, it is perhaps time she receives some TLC. During an interview with British GQ, the actress played their session of ‘Answering your questions’. During this, she had to reply to questions about her Euphoria character posted on the internet. She quickly came across a comment on the actress’s photo with Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco in the series.

The comment asked why there are not many scenes of the two characters together. “I have been saying this, I ask Sam all the time to please somehow connect Cassie with Fezco,” said the actress. She also hopes that the change will be done for the next season. As it is, her character is going through a rough love triangle.

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While the series mostly focuses on Academy Award winner Zendaya, the lead character, Sweeney’s character and love story has had a journey of their own. So far in the series, she has been dealing with emotions due to another character.

A look into the twisted love angle between Cassie Howard and Nate Jacobs

Cassie Howard dated McKay in the beginning, but the two eventually broke up. On the other hand, Jacobs also ends his relationship with Cassie’s best friend, Maddy Perez. Cassie and Nate feel a mutual attraction, but so far, the two are only shown to hook up. Perhaps writer Sam Levinson will listen to Sweeney and give her character a shot with Fezco.

Would you like rather see Cassie Howard with Nate Jacobs or Fezco in season 3 of Euphoria? Comment your thoughts.

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