Sydney Sweeney Once Disclosed the Actual Reason She Joined the Business School Despite Wanting to Be an Actor

Sydney Sweeney Once Disclosed the Actual Reason She Joined the Business School Despite Wanting to Be an Actor

Sydney Sweeney is one of the most ambitious people out there. She sees way too far into the future and plans things in advance. The 25-year-old is capable of getting everything she manifests for, be it becoming an actress or starting her own production house. And her organized planning is one of the reasons she went to business school.

The White Lotus actress once, when she was 16 years old, went to an audition and was questioned by the producer about whether she planned to go to college. She answered that she wanted to go to a business school. When counter-questioned by the producer about why Sweeney wished to go to a business school if her aim was to become an actress, she replied, “That way when I go to school for business and I get a contract for $20 million, I can read that contract for myself and not get f**ked over.” 


The Euphoria star narrated the anecdote in June 2019 during an interaction with MTV News. She was very clear about her goal of becoming an actress in the future. It is a known fact that the Everything Sucks! actress even made a business plan to convince her parents to shift to Los Angeles with her so that she could pursue her dream of being a film star, which she did. Not just that, she has also finally opened her own production house, Fifty-Fifty Films. But is acting the only thing she is good at?

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What else did Sydney Sweeney do apart from being a business student?

This small-town girl is popular for one too many things. First, there is her being immensely talented as an actress, and then there is a long list of what the actress is capable of doing. She is a trained mixed martial arts fighter, an upskilled mechanic, and has tried her hand at pottery too. But even after acquiring so much talent, she was not at all a bad student. In fact, the 25-year-old was the valedictorian at her school.

When it comes to her production house, she is executive producing a plethora of projects under it, including Barbarella, Immaculate, and her unnamed rom-com with Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell.

Moreover, the Spokane native also aspires to direct films in the future and hence she is eager to learn all the aspects of filmmaking.

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