“Sway had the answer”- Kanye West Reveals How Journalist Sway Gave Him the Idea About How To Run His $4Billion Worth Brand

“Sway had the answer”- Kanye West Reveals How Journalist Sway Gave Him the Idea About How To Run His $4Billion Worth Brand

Kanye West, the name is not unknown unless one is living under a rock. He is one of the most successful rappers in the music industry today, with more than 130 singles under his belt. Kanye is amongst the best-selling artists in the world, with more than 160 million records sold. The Flashing Lights hitmaker has won 24 Grammy Awards, the most by any other rapper except Jay-Z. As of late, Kanye has also made a fortune in the fashion and clothing industry. His brand, Yeezy, is very popular amongst the masses. While certainly, he is a visionary, the rapper credited radio host Sway, admitting that the latter was right. But what answers did the radio host have?

Kanye West is an influential individual. He is one of the few artists who doesn’t shy away from doing what they like. Furthermore, the 24-time Grammy Award winner has always been a hot topic, and fans can’t seem to get enough of the drama that revolves around him. In an interview, he credited the radio host who goes by the name Sway for a piece of advice he gave West nearly a decade ago.

Kanye West lauds radio hosts Sway

Kanye West is always under the spotlight, whether he is having a song or a project. He has always been vocal about issues that matter to him, be it his personal or general problems. Recently, the Heartless hitmaker appeared in an interview on the popular talk show Good Morning America. While talking about Kanye’s ongoing legal issues with Adidas and GAP, ABC news’s Linder Davis put some light on the advice radio host Sway gave him back in 2013. After almost a decade, Kanye admitted to GMA, “I will go ahead and say, Sway had the answer.” 


In 2013, Kanye featured on Sway’s radio show, asking for assistance from various fortune companies like Walt Disney, Google, etc., to help him create more. Back then, the radio host advised him to empower himself and do it on his own, to which Kanye responded, “You ain’t got the answers, Sway.” Ten years later, it seems like Sway did have the answer.

What plans does the rapper have for Yeezy?

Amidst his ongoing legal feuds with GAP and Adidas, the Graduation singer plans to go at it alone. Despite having a contract with both Adidas and GAP worth billions of dollars, West plans to release his own line of Yeezy goods.

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