Stream These Best Movies of Bruce Willis on Netflix as He Steps Away From Acting

Stream These Best Movies of Bruce Willis on Netflix as He Steps Away From Acting

Action hero Bruce Willis recently announced retirement from acting after the actor was diagnosed with Aphasia. It is a condition that affects one’s cognitive abilities. Citing health issues, the actor is moving away from the cameras, but he is leaving us all with a bunch of memorable movies. Here is a list of the best Bruce Willis movies on Netflix for you to say a proper goodbye to the actor. 

Cosmic Sin

The latest Bruce Willis movie to find its way to Netflix is Cosmic Sin. Released in 2021 this sci-fi action movie follows the war between humans and aliens after humans start colonizing other terrestrial planets. Willis plays retired General James Ford in this movie. He and his team of soldiers will fight the alien army to save the extinction of humanity. 

Hard Kill

Bruce Willis plays Donovan, a father in this 2020 action thriller on Netflix. His daughter, Eva Chalmers designed a revolutionary tech that the military wants to use for military warfare. Fearing the worst when Eva approaches a Pardoner, an extremist for help, who takes her hostage, it is a race against time to save his daughter.  

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Rated 7.4 on IMDb, Rian Johnson’s Looper set the bar high for time travel action-adventure. Emily Blunt, and Joseph Gordon Levitt star alongside Bruce. The year is 2074 and the mob now gets rid of its targets by sending them to the past and nipping the bud. What is a hired gun to do when he realizes that the person the mob wants to kill next is his future self?

Hudson Hawk 

Michael Lehmann directed the movie Hudson Hawk, which stars Bruce in the lead as a thief. Hudson Hawk otherwise known as Eddie wants to live a crime-free life after he gets out of prison. But his resolve is shaken when he is threatened to steal the original artworks of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Tears of the Sun 

Bruce Willis’ hit 2003 movie Tears of the Sun on Netflix is based in war-torn Nigeria. He plays a Lieutenant who is tasked with the challenging task of extracting Dr. Lena Fiora Kendricks in the midst of the civil war. But the stubborn doctor won’t leave without her patients, which further complicates things for the Lieutenant. 

Which of these Bruce Willis movies have you watched so far? Comment down your favorite.

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