Stranger Things Walmart Exclusive Cassette Player Has a Clue for Season 4

Stranger Things Walmart Exclusive Cassette Player Has a Clue for Season 4

Supermarkets are something that every single one of us is familiar with, and we all pretty much rely on them as well. But who knew you’d be getting exclusive stuff related to your favorite shows inside them? Netflix has made sure you are never alone. Even when you are shopping and not watching something on it. So, maybe just get ready to find all the Stranger Things Walmart has to offer?

The Walmart – Netflix deal which was announced earlier this month has brought a lot of merchandise from various shows to the store. It has given us some revelations for the fourth season of the hit Netflix Original Stranger Things. An exclusive cassette player has been released at Walmart stores. Here is everything we know about this cassette player.

An exclusive voicemail is here

While not much is known about season 4 of Stranger Things, it seems like there is finally an interesting and fun turn that awaits us at the Walmart. Owing to the Netflix-Walmart Deal, we are showered with a bundle of merchandise, which includes a Crosley stereo and a set of 8 vinyl stickers that takes inspiration from the show. It also includes a sticker for “The Hellfire Club” which also is the title of the first episode of season 4.

The major attraction of this bundle, however, is the special cassette player; it has been revealed that it holds a special voice message from a very special and enigmatic character; supposedly this voice note is going to give the fans a sneak-peak for Stranger Things season 4. While we await the next season of the show, this seems like something that can calm our nerves for the time being.

How to get the Stranger Things Walmart bundle?

The Cassette Player Bundle currently is only available only for pre-order. It will probably be released sometime in the middle of November. Winter is definitely going to be amazing with this special surprise from Netflix. We have no real idea about who is going to leave us this exclusive message. Who do you think it is?


You can pre-order your own Cassette Player Bundle here.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be here sometime in 2022. The exact date is still not revealed. We will be here with more updates about everyone’s favorite strange show.

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