‘Stranger Things’ Takes Practical Effects to Another Level With This Scene in Season 4

‘Stranger Things’ Takes Practical Effects to Another Level With This Scene in Season 4

The 80s largely inspire the horror sci-fi series, Stranger Things on Netflix: From the costumes to the music and even the monsters. Season 4 even brought Robert Englund, a legend in the horror land, to the series. And it seems that the Duffer brothers were determined to go all 80s all the way. In the true sense of the 80s, they refused to use CGI for the most part of the show. Instead, they chose to go with practical effects and prosthetics. 

Netflix revealed yet another behind-the-scenes footage of the Watergate, filmed with minimal VFX. 

Check out behind the scenes clip of Steve Harrington’s adventure to the Upside Down in Stranger Things 4

There were too many frightening scenes in Stranger Things season 4 but the Watergate scene is probably in the top 5. The older teens leave behind Dustin, Lucas, and Max to find the Watergate according to Dustin’s theory. They presume it’s underwater and Steve dives in. He finds it but is quickly sucked into the Upside Down. 

The latest clip showcases how the scene was shot. It was shot underwater in a pool. The green screen was replaced with two cameras and Joe Keery’s (Steve) superior swimming skills. He swims to the area emitting a red light: the watergate. He gets pulled inside, but comes out on the top on the other side only to receive a clap on the back from the director. The hellscape isn’t a hellscape yet, without the Demobats and the vines. But the red lights create an eerie atmosphere. We had at least expected the Watergate was made using CGI, but nope the Duffer brothers weren’t kidding about using practical effects. 

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Even Hopper’s looks as a prisoner ( he lost weight in the Russian camps) and Victor Creel’s eyes were all a combination of prosthetics and makeup. And it’s already a well-known fact that Vecna isn’t CGI either. 

Volume 1 left us with Nancy and Steve still stuck the Upside Down. Vecna is still unstoppable and if Eleven doesn’t regain her powers in time, we may lose one or the other beloved character. The big event concludes on July 2. 

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