‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer About to Overtake a Month-Old Marvel Series and a Disney+ Star Wars Addition Trailers

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer About to Overtake a Month-Old Marvel Series and a Disney+ Star Wars Addition Trailers

Stranger Things season 4 is a sure success for Netflix. Ever since the series debuted back in 2016, it has constantly been delivering with each recurring season. Just five days ago, Netflix dropped the trailer for probably the most anticipated season of this year. And the internet went berserk.

Since the trailer is out, people have not been able to control their excitement for the show and have been talking about it day in and day out. And the popularity of the trailer has beaten many huge productions, showing only a glimpse of what the season will do.

Stranger Things season 4 trailer breaking records

Stranger Things‘ success can be attributed to many things. One can say the refreshing new faces it brought were a huge contributor, others feel the 80 and 90s nostalgia that the show offers is its USP. All of these are correct answers to a never-ending list.

Now we do not know why the show has such a massive fan following. But we have stats affirming that season 4 will be nothing short of a banger.

The trailer of Stranger Things currently has 15,990,235 views on its trailer (at the time of publishing), and it has just been six days.

It is remarkable to see that a trailer alone has been able to amass such a huge reaction from fans. In comparison, big studios like Marvel and Disney uploaded trailers for their shows Ms. Marvel and Obi-Wan a month ago and have almost equal views.

Obi-Wan has 16 million views.

and Marvel’s upcoming Ms. Marvel also has the same number of views just a few thousand more.

It takes no genius to figure out that by the time Stranger Things trailer gets a month old it will easily overtake them in the number of views.

Interestingly, Stranger Things trailer already has more likes. It has 781k likes as compared to 580k and 733k by Obi-Wan and Ms. Marvel respectively.

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These statistics are sort of a prophecy of the unimaginable popularity season 4 of Stranger Things will receive when it streams on Netflix on May 27th.

Let us know if you think Stranger Things will break the viewing record previously set by Bridgerton season 2 earlier this year.

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