The 1992 Hellmaster Shockingly Connects With Stranger Things Season 4, Here’s How

The 1992 Hellmaster Shockingly Connects With Stranger Things Season 4, Here’s How

Stranger Things is not just a show. It’s a phenomenon. The show has been entertaining audiences for five whole years now. And the trailer that was released yesterday broke the internet in half. The world went into a long witch hunt, trying to find clues and hints hidden by the Dufer brothers in the trailer. But the Hellmaster in Stranger Things has to be the most confusing one.

The world was taken aback by the theory that the potential villain for the new season had been revealed, but we surely have heard of him before.

Hellmaster in Stranger Things season 4

Before the new season of Stranger Things come theories. Fans have always been sharp-eyed of any promotional material pertaining to the new season of Netflix’s hit original show. They got so close that they even received the praise of show creators. And hours after the trailer release, a keen fan theorized the name of the potential villain of the show.

“I am Hell’s Master” is what the fans are calling this big bad who might be responsible for the death of many characters by the fourth season ends.

More about Hellmaster (1992) and connection with Season 4

Hellmaster was the name of a cult classic horror film from 1992. What makes this “coincidence” even more appealing is that the 1992 film is about a mad scientist who turns students into mutants by injecting them with a serum.

Heard this before right? This is exactly what happened to Eleven in the first season. And since the Duffer brothers are so inspired by the 90s and 80s it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that they’ll include this 1992 film in the show.

We will still have to wait to see how the show creators adapt the previous movie. But it will be very interesting that’s for sure.

The 1992 movie had an amazing cast as well. It included the likes of John Saxon as Professor Jones, Amy Raasch as Shelly O’Deane, and David Emge as Robert.

Unfortunately, unlike Stranger Things, you cant stream Hellmaster on Netflix. but it is available on Amazon Prime.

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Don’t forget to stream Stranger Things season 4 only on Netflix from May 27th. And let us know your theories about the Hell’s Master.

2 thoughts on “The 1992 Hellmaster Shockingly Connects With Stranger Things Season 4, Here’s How

  1. Reply
    Douglas Schulze
    May 5, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    I am the creator of Hellmaster starring the late John Saxon. Stranger Things is also my and my daughter’s favorite show. If this tie-in proves true there would be no one more flattered than me.
    Such a great show. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    1. Reply
      Parvathi Ajith
      May 18, 2022 at 1:56 pm

      Greetings Douglas,

      I’d like to thank you for taking your time out to read the article. It feels great to know that our work has reached you.

      Your movie, Hellmaster, has uncanny similarities with Stranger Things. We had also covered how the Duffer Brothers in an interview have confessed about taking inspiration from the 90s for creating their villains. Hellmaster might be it.

      I believe you are as excited as us for the new season. We are waiting to see what will happen!

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