Millie Bobby Brown Speaks On Different Fragnances, Says “I never want to smell like someone else”

Millie Bobby Brown Speaks On Different Fragnances, Says “I never want to smell like someone else”

Everyone likes to have possession of things just by themselves. While many of us look to be independent and have our say in our personal choices, it makes it obvious for celebrities to manifest the same. Similar is the case with Stranger Things breakout star, Millie Bobby Brown. 

The 18-year-old actress in an interview shared a lot about her personal life, self-care practices, personal choices, food diets, and even her skincare regime. All the points that Millie shared at the event prove to be practical and applicable to all of us to lead a peaceful and healthy life. She laid a lot of emphasis on her body fragrance and how it plays a vital role in building her personality and confidence. Here is what the Florence By Mills founder said.

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Millie Bobby Brown talks about her fragrance maintenance and usage of lotions 

A couple of days ago, the famous Marie Claire magazine interviewed the Stranger Things star for a brief insight into her beauty hacks and fashion tips. She explained the one thing she abhors as she said, “I never want to smell like someone else.” When it came to what she loves the most about her body, the star went on to affirm that she was particular about fragrances. 

Brown, as she said, loves the smell of pumpkins, lavenders, and roses in her personal space. She wants her scent to feel like a part of her own and her aesthetics. It is for this reason that Millie is not a fan of readymade fragrances and deodorants. Hence, she just makes her “own kind of cocktail with lotions as such”. It is the mix of her chosen essential oils, body lotions, and body creams. 


Millie also personally recommended some essential oils for her fans to use. Those included Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil and Skin Care Rose Ultra Advanced Formula to apply to the body. Following this, the British shero further talked about her diet routines and workout sessions. She also revealed that Taylor Swift’s collection helps her out while breaking a sweat at the gym.

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