Stranger Things Fans Have Some Spoilers, Complaints, Compliments, and Questions From the Latest Season 4 Poster

Stranger Things Fans Have Some Spoilers, Complaints, Compliments, and Questions From the Latest Season 4 Poster

As the release of Stranger Things season 4 inches closer to us by each passing minute, Netflix has ensured that they are keeping the fandom as engaged in the series before the highly-anticipated release as possible. One such thing that has caught fans up in a frenzy is the new poster.

Find here all the noticeable details and what fans have to say about each of them.

What fans loved about Stranger Things season 4 poster

The first look at the poster takes you back to the 80s. Since the Netflix series is set in the 80s, it only makes sense that the poster would resemble something from the era. Inspired by 80s horror film aesthetics, the poster features Vecna lurking eerily in the background with an ensemble cast.

The one thing fans immediately noticed was that Max was alongside Eleven. The two were at the center of the poster and their figures were the largest. This directly indicates that we will see a lot more of Max in the upcoming season of the Netflix Original. In fact, Hot Topic has exclusive Max-based merch, something very rare for individual characters aside from Eleven. While fans already sensed the importance of this character in the upcoming season after having seen the trailer, the reaffirmation brought out a ton of conversation and, hence, fan theories.

One Reddit comment talks about how they are sensing that Billy and his death are going to be the force driving Max’s character development. At the most, “he should be a plot device”. To this, we must say that we agree. Max, as a standalone character, hasn’t had much substance, to begin with. Using Billy and her abuse as the only thing driving her would not only be unfair to the character but will also make her a little shallow.

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What fans seem to dislike

Stranger Things is a show that has a huge fandom. Even before its release, fans know that Stranger Things season 4 will break all records on the streaming giant. It is practically impossible to please every member of the target audience in any film or show, but especially more difficult in a series of this scale. Nevertheless, the one thing that most of the fandom seems to agree upon is that Jonathan deserves more attention. For the last two seasons, his role has been playing second fiddle to Nancy. And, yet again, we see that his drawing is the tiniest in this season’s poster.

While these are our expectations for Stranger Things season 4, we know for a fact that anything that comes up will certainly please fans. The Duffer brothers were capable of taking Steve, or a more intense example, Billy, and turning them into some of the most complex and likable ones of the series. They certainly know what they’re doing with the plot and characters, without any major complaints from fans so far.

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Stranger Things season 4 will be available for streaming on May 27, 2022.

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