Intrigued Fans Guesstimate Stranger Things Characters’ Income if They End Up Doing a Job, Who Would Make the Most Money?

Intrigued Fans Guesstimate Stranger Things Characters’ Income if They End Up Doing a Job, Who Would Make the Most Money?

You know a movie or show or, in this case, the new season of a show, is long overdue if we catch fans discussing what salaries each character will be making in their adulthood. We came across this conversation about the same on Reddit. So, before Stranger Things season 4 streams on Netflix and we have a million other things about the show to discuss, here’s our take on what we think the characters’ income will be as they grow into adults.


Eleven is the character from Stranger Things with the highest income potential. The girl can use her powers to cheat in Vegas, gain insider information about the stock market, or even extort money from innocent people. But, we don’t see her going down that line, as her sister Kali did. If Eleven makes it to the end of the Netflix Original without dying, a small-town life with limited resources and a cozy cottage is what we envision for her, not unlike Joyce Byers.

Mike Wheeler

A part of the AV Club, Mike has very high earning potential. Not only is he book smart, but the last 3 seasons of the Netflix series have also shown us that this lad also possesses street smarts. Any field Mike chooses to go in, he is very likely to succeed. Nonetheless, if Eleven survives, his endgame is definitely going to be with her. This means that the quaint small-town life with limited resources is what is in store for him.

The Byers brothers

These are two characters who are very interested in art. Will enjoys drawing while we all know of Jonathan and his infamous photography. While the two, like most other Stranger Things characters, are very smart, their income prospects are also limited. We can see Jonathan taking up professional photography and touring with his favorite rock bands in the 90s. As for Will, many say that they can see him becoming a therapist.

Dustin Henderson

If we had to choose one character from Stranger Things that we know is going to become a millionaire, we would place our bets on Dustin. The man is interested in science and radio technology right before the internet came to be. From being a dot-com mogul to the inventor of some crazy device, the possibilities are endless for Dustin. And considering his “hotter than Phoebe Cates” girlfriend who basically made a communication channel with him, Dustin doesn’t have anything holding him back either.

Lucas Sinclair

An example of some very sad truths we might see in Stranger Things is that of Lucas’ income prospects. The man is very smart, just like his friends from the AV Club. But, considering racism and the pay grade of African-Americans at that time, we see limited prospects for Lucas. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t be shocked if Lucas ended up as rich as Dustin, either.

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Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley

Nancy is inarguably one of the smartest characters in the show. She is resilient, has an eye for details, knows exactly when to lead and when to follow, and can easily be taught. In the modern corporate world, Nancy would be considered a gem. But, we cannot forget that Stranger Things is set in the 80s. This means that Nancy will have to deal with a lot of sexism.

If the pay scale for women seems bad enough now, we know that it was much worse in the 80s. The same goes for Robin Buckley, who although not as smart as Nancy, certainly does possess some very useful talents.

Steve Harrington

Another guaranteed millionaire from the Stranger Things kids is Steve Harrington. Even if Steve chooses to do nothing, or to do volunteer work for the rest of his life, he has enough resources from his father to enjoy. But, we see him getting a job that isn’t too hectic and probably involves kids. Whatever he does, we know that Steve isn’t the cliche ‘rich boy of the high school’, so the possibility of him exhausting his dad’s resources on frat parties and drugs is next to none.

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Erica Sinclair

Erica is the human equivalent of the term girlbossing. If there is one character from Stranger Things we know isn’t going to sell herself short, it is this young girl. Erica was able to detect her importance and her rare abilities as an 11-year-old when she got Steve and Robin to meet her demands. Hence, we doubt she will let that happen to herself in the corporate world.

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Now that we’re done with this list of characters and their respective income in the future, make sure you’re all prepared for the release of Stranger Things season 4. Check out some of the most exciting fan theories here.

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