“Some recollections may vary” – The Late Queen’s Words Ring True? A Psychiatrist Talks About Inconsistencies in Prince Harry’s Spare

“Some recollections may vary” – The Late Queen’s Words Ring True? A Psychiatrist Talks About Inconsistencies in Prince Harry’s Spare

The exit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal Family has been chaos for both parties. After a lot of struggles, the couple could make their Netflix docuseries while Prince Harry published his memoir, Spare. The release of both their productions has been catastrophic for the Royal Family. A psychiatrist named Dr. Max Pemberton remembered the late Queen Elizabeth ll after reading the memoir, Spare, given the inconsistencies and fallacies it is being called out for.

After their interview with Oprah Winfrey, the late Queen opened up about the accusations. She said the allegations are a ‘concern’ and would be addressed ‘privately’. She also said, “While some recollections may vary, they are taken seriously.” Pemberton talked about the same psychological condition of the Duke of Sussex.

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Prince Harry had several factual errors in his memoir because of distorted memories

While there are numerous talks going on about the memoir that the Duke of Sussex published, Pemberton pointed out several factual errors in it. He said this quote struck him the most: “There’s just as much truth in what I remember and how I remember it as there is in so-called objective facts.” Taking it further, Dr. Pemberton explained how memories are changeable. In this modern society, the subjective truth is more important than the greater objective truth, which was fundamentally wrong, wrote Dr. Pemberton in his write-up for Daily Mail.

By giving an example of him being with Prince Harry as his truth, the Duck would surely strike back with the actual truth. However, he thinks the Duke doesn’t seem to recognize the importance of objective truth. He even cited the example of a study conducted after 9/11.

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The researchers asked people who were present during the time about their activities and where they were. After some years, the researchers asked the same people the same questions. Surprisingly, the answers were 60% different than the previous ones. And the most surprising fact was that even after the researchers showed them the original answers, people seemed to be stuck with their later answers. This is how, with an example, Dr. Pemberton explained how memories change and create a different version as time passes.

What are the factual errors in the book?

Among many factual errors, these are some of them that Dr. Pemberton has mentioned in his article.

  • On his 13th birthday, the Duke of Sussex got an Xbox in 1997. However, the product didn’t even launch until four years after his claimed year.
  • The Prince also mentioned his wife, Meghan Markle bringing his father from Mexico to Britain through the first-class ticket. However, the airline company claimed they didn’t even have a direct plane, let alone provide a first-class service.
  • He mentioned his stepmother leaking some information about a press conference. Although the information remains in the public record that it was her assistant who leaked the information.

All these errors didn’t really surprise Dr. Pemberton, as he understood how memories can get muddled up. There are many kinds of research about memories being an unreliable source of information. However, the author of Spare didn’t realize it and made such subjective feelings and memories a source of information.

After finding out the psychological aspect of these errors, what are your thoughts about the book? Have you read it yet? Share your thoughts about the same in the comment box below.

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    Christine Gabriel
    February 4, 2023 at 1:15 pm

    A person who has done extensive therapy with a truly qualified therapist get to a place where they are able to consider a much bigger picture than just themselves. They develop insight into what happened to their family members or others that they blame for their hurts and traumas, that left them also hurt and unable to do better at the time.
    And they eventually focus on their own part in creating or perpetuating their pain.

    Pain is a given, but suffering is optional. When you you hold onto the original pain and feed it, you will create suffering. And revenge never creates a healthy mind or healing for anyone involved.

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