“A woman his family did not accept” – Royal Executive Editor Reveals a Few Lines From Prince Harry’s Memoir

“A woman his family did not accept” – Royal Executive Editor Reveals a Few Lines From Prince Harry’s Memoir

Readers as well as people who did not even read a single book across the world are all eagerly waiting for Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. The book, as everyone has anticipated, is all set to launch a blistering attack on the senior royal members who have wronged Prince Harry and his family. However, the Royal Executive editor has something else to say. 

Contrary to what most of us thought the book would be like, the editor said it will in fact cut open the vulnerabilities of each Royal member and how it led to a life-long torment. Reading a few lines from Prince Harry’s novel, he gave a glimpse of how “raw and unflinching” it is going to be. Some excerpts openly called out the family’s indifference to his wife, Meghan Markle, and the aftermaths of it. 

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What does Sapre by Prince Harry say about the Royal Family? 

Falling in love with a woman, your family does not accept,” read the Royal editor, Omid Scobie, who was bestowed with the job of editing the Duke’s memoir. The book is said to cover all grievances of the Monarchy, through the Prince’s eyes. Starting right from Princess Diana’s tragedy to addressing their own hassles of giving up Royalty in 2020, he will cover it all. 

The Prince has emphasized all his life’s endless disasters in the memoir. The tragic loss of a parent has always been constant, and adding to it were the struggles of accepting oneself. Besides it, he has also reflected on how things like “sibling rivalry” have forever bothered him. The most tumultuous part of it was the controversy around his beloved wife. The Duke has also talked about the backlashes they had to face for no reason.

Scobie also stated how instead of ‘trashing’ his family, Harry has rather offered something unprecedented. He described the Duke’s work as a more “sympathetic look at the realities of their near-impossible existence“. Spare is due in the month of January next year. The release date has been officially fixed at the 10th of the said month in 2023.

Would you read the memoir when it hits the bookshelves? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on ““A woman his family did not accept” – Royal Executive Editor Reveals a Few Lines From Prince Harry’s Memoir

  1. Reply
    November 10, 2022 at 5:01 am

    No, Harry is a whiner and full of self pity. He led a life of privilege which most folks can only dream of. Then married a greedy calculating woman that had only one goal and took advantage of a weak man

  2. Reply
    November 10, 2022 at 10:28 pm

    Can’t wait to read it. I will be getting it on both kindle and book form. He deserves his say. When days after the wlqueen died the released the stepmother because I won’t call her queen. It’s really funny how the paid 12 million to get the title. I can’t wait for his version.

  3. Reply
    November 11, 2022 at 1:04 am

    I don’t believe a lot of the content are actually Harry’s thoughts or opinions (but are really often Meghan’s), I have NO interest whatsoever in reading this supposed “memoir” packed with partial truths, viewed slights, and outright lies!

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