“Some people in life have a tough time loving themselves”, Says Ryan Reynolds on Self-Love and Adam’s Character in ‘The Adam Project’

“Some people in life have a tough time loving themselves”, Says Ryan Reynolds on Self-Love and Adam’s Character in ‘The Adam Project’

Netflix’s The Adam Project has given us many directions to think about the film and even forced us to take a sneak peek in our hearts. What do we really want? Do you love this version of yourselves or the childhood version? If you get one chance to give your 12-year-old a piece of advice, what will it be?

These questions made you think, right? But, sometimes no advice is the best advice and Ryan Reynolds believes in this quote. Despite his professional and personal success, The Adam Project lead cast, Ryan Reynolds claims he wouldn’t change a thing about himself. In an interview with Parade, Reynolds said, “All of those little dust-ups and failures and mistakes that I was about to make, or go on to make, are all the things that lead to all the learning.”

Reynolds loves his old self as much as he loves his adult life. This is in sharp contrast with The Adam Project‘s Adam, who has trouble reconciling with his past self. Towards the end of the movie, Adam learns self love and acceptance. However, Reynolds already has that down.

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Ryan Reynolds on self-love and The Adam Project

In an interview with Yahoo, Ryan Reynolds talks aboutThe Adam Project, highlighting a very important aspect of the movie: Self Love.

The host of the show asks why he is so mean with him. To drive the point further, a clip from the film, where Adam tells his 12-year-old self that he has a very punchable face. In answer to that question, he gave a whole new definition of self-love.

“Some people in life have a tough time loving themselves,” said the actor. He goes on to say how his character, Adam finds its hard to like his 12-year-old self, played by Walker Scobell.

With time, he learns to love the kid in him. Reynolds further adds, “throughout the movie, he has to kind of learn how to not just love himself, but love this little kid that he used to be. So it’s part of the journey. We sort of having to start there in order to go someplace. But you’re right. He’s not very nice to his younger self.”

As mentioned earlier, Ryan Reynolds is pretty content with himself and his past self. In fact, to his 12-year-old self, the Canadian actor will likely say, “You’re on your own you little b*stard,” per his interview with Parade. Why? Because feels experiencing those thing will be his greatest teacher.

What did you think of the lesson of self-love imparted in the Ryan Reynolds starrer?

The Adam Project is currently streaming on Netflix.

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