Social Media Platform Scaring ‘Actually’ Sydney Sweeney Revealed With Euphoria Star’s Fans Q&A

Social Media Platform Scaring ‘Actually’ Sydney Sweeney Revealed With Euphoria Star’s Fans Q&A

Sydney Sweeney is one of those actors who is active on only a few social media platforms. Her Instagram account is arguably her most-used social media site, where she interacts with her fans through her posts. But last month, some of her fans got lucky when the actress did a secret Q&A session with some of her fans through these sites.

The actress shook hands with British GQ for a session where she created accounts on various sites to answer selected questions. One such site that she made an account on was Reddit. However, the Euphoria actress is terrified of the platform, as she said, “Oh, dear God! Reddit scares me.” Although she created an account on the content rating and discussion website, she answered her fans’ doubts.

The 25-year-old created the account under the name “Actually Sydney Sweeney”. The first question she came across was “No Euphoria until 2024?” to which the actress did not reply as she said that she cannot comment on that. However, there is one more question she chose to answer on Reddit.

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Sydney Sweeney answered a 3-year-old question on Reddit 

The second question that the White Lotus actress chose to answer was, “How do actors take off? Is it really luck and perfect timing? Or is it naturally hard work and effort that matter more?” Sweeney said that she thinks about this a lot and has concluded that it is all about the perfect mix of both hard work and luck.

The Everything Sucks actress said that she began acting when she was around 12 years old and played so many small characters. And even though she worked really hard for all the roles, it was only a matter of luck that she landed the one that shot her to fame. Today, the actress owns a production house, and as much as it is because of her hard work, luck has somewhere played its part.

However, apart from Reddit, Sweeney replied to her fans on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, Wikipedia, and TikTok. A fan in the YouTube comment section of the actress’s interview asked whether her family is team Cassie or team Maddie to which the Spokane native’s reply was surprising.

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