SNL Hilariously Suggests Mike Tyson to Be In-charge of the Slap Security Against Will Smith During the 2023 Oscars

SNL Hilariously Suggests Mike Tyson to Be In-charge of the Slap Security Against Will Smith During the 2023 Oscars

With everyone bracing for the Oscars this year, the Will Smith incident is still echoing. From TV show hosts, and comedians, to SNL, it has become a topic of discussion and meme content for everyone. While the actor has already been banned for a decade from the Academy Awards, his actions have led many to wonder what could happen during this year’s ceremony.

Being their usual quirky self, SNL has found the perfect man for being the bodyguard to ensure that the Oscars run smoothly. Their choice to keep Smith away is none other than former boxing champion Mike Tyson.

SNL on how Mike Tyson would be the slap security to ward off Will Smith

It has been a year since the Oscar incident took place, but the topic refuses to die down. In a recent episode of SNL, they welcomed the former boxer (played by Kenan Thompson) to enquire about his role in the event. Thompson appears with the iconic Tyson tattoo on his face, explaining what he would do in case Smith decides to attack again.

Perfecting Tyson’s accent, the comedian reveals how he has put Apple tags in Smith’s pants to trace his live location. However, the mere change of pants could make him untraceable again, leaving the people to look after themselves.

He also explained how clapping during the event is prohibited from now on. People will be given guns to protect themselves, with an added security of a flamethrower for this year’s Academy host Jimmy Kimmel.

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Jokes apart, the Oscars received heavy criticism for the way they dealt with the slap-get incident. Here is how things have changed since then.

How the slap gate incident changed things for the Oscar Academy

First and foremost, Will Smith was not only banned for a decade, but the actor also withdrew his Academy membership. The Oscars also accepted handling the whole situation poorly. They then formed a crisis management team for functions held here on. They appointed people within the team in different positions after considering all the different scenarios in which things could go wrong.

There were also questions about who will attend on behalf of Smith if he gets nominated for Emancipation, although that never happened. Since he won’t be there, we will see who presents the Best Actress award category as well. If anything does go haywire, perhaps SNL’s Mike Tyson could prove fruitful.

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