Sienna Miller Recounts 20-Year-Old Yellow Press Hunt Finding Similarity in Netflix’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

Sienna Miller Recounts 20-Year-Old Yellow Press Hunt Finding Similarity in Netflix’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

Art often imitates lives, and one can’t do much about it. Netflix’s new courtroom drama Anatomy of a Scandal has a story that no one believes could be true. However, for actress Sienna Miller, the whole show was a trip down memory lane, and she even addressed that she surely could see the similarities between her past and the show.

Let us see what the actress was talking about.

Sienna Miller and her apprehensions to join the show

Sienna Miller co-stars with Rupert Friend in the latest Netflix drama Anatomy of a Scandal. She confesses that her personal history, notably being a major media target in the 2000s, made her hesitant to join the cast.

Miller’s personal life was widely in the news over two decades ago. Most notably when her engagement with actor Jude Law came to an end. The reason for ending the engagement was his affair with the nanny of his children from a previous marriage, which quickly became public.

So while talking about the uncanny similarities between the show and her past. Sienna says, “I think I was hesitant to perhaps insert myself back into a somewhat familiar scenario of the snooping press and the feelings of dread when a story that’s very personal is about to be made very public.” 

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She says that all these feelings were something she went through at a very young age. But the reason she feels she did the show was because of the character of Sophie. She says that she isn’t anything like Sophie.

“I’ve never really played anyone who was that adept at hiding their emotions and that felt like a challenge at this point in my career,” she admitted.

Rupert Friend also did not want to do the show

Apparently, it wasn’t just Sienna Miller who did not want to do the show initially. Her on-screen husband and the one responsible for all the charges, Rupert Friend, also had his doubts about the show.

“It wasn’t a fantasy world I particularly was excited about entering,” says Rupert while explaining how he did not want to be a part of such a dark place. But it was also the reason he signed on to do the show; that and SJ Clarkson.

“In the end, that was the challenge that made me accept the role, was the idea of, how do you humanize someone that you think is a bit of a git?” said Rupert while talking about what drew him towards the show.

Anatomy of a Scandal is currently streaming on Netflix and receiving good reviews from fans.

So if you’re interested in seeing the similarities between Sienna Miller and Sophie Whitehouse, you can stream the show right now.

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