“Nothing’s just sex. There’s more”: ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Reviews Are Out, Netflix Fans Are Psyched-Up Because “Somebody is lying”

“Nothing’s just sex. There’s more”: ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Reviews Are Out, Netflix Fans Are Psyched-Up Because “Somebody is lying”

There are so many shows releasing each week that it is impossible to keep a track of all of them. But when a show makes the news that’s when you know it is worth noticing. And for Netflix, it is Anatomy of a Scandal. The show is just a few hours old but has been making news both good and bad. Let us take a look at reviews for Anatomy of a Scandal and make a decision if you should watch it this weekend.

Anatomy of a Scandal reviews

On the surface, James appears to be a happily married father of two who is loyal to his wife, Sophie (Sienna Miller), and his adoring constituency. His best friend is the British Prime Minister Tom Southern (Geoffrey Streetfeild. He resides at 10 Downing Street, who, like James, hails from a privileged family. To put it another way, the rules apply to everyone except themselves and their aristocratic allies.

Sophie is more tolerant than she should be (this sounds false), yet she feels her husband is not guilty of rape when James reveals his affair to her. “I was weak,” he admits. “It was just sex.”

He loses his ministry and enters a not guilty plea, and Sophie’s support for James begins to wane as his trial begins. Olivia (Naomi Scott) takes the witness stand and, when pressed by criminal lawyer Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery), exposes his alleged aggressive conduct in graphic detail.

The show surely has its strong points with the lead cast Friend, Miller, and Dockery making the show as binge-able as possible till the very end. But where it lacks is in the narrative section. Each episode ends with a staggering revelation but things take a turn for the worst in the third episode.

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After the third episode, the show just shoots itself into the cliche soap opera category, losing its mojo. But nevertheless, it is an engaging watch till the end, if you are interested just to find who is the culprit.

Should you watch it?

As we have mentioned before the show sure has some areas where it lacks to become a perfect thriller drama. But the constant feeling of betrayal with clever dutch angles makes the show a compelling watch for a weekend. Critics may not like the series. But fans sure do. Some of the tweets apprecitaing the thrill and mystery of Anatomy of a Scandal are

So if you like shows that give you a sense of uneasiness Anatomy of a Scandal is perfect for you. Stream it on Netflix but remember that “someone is lying.”

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