Shots Fired! Update on Dionne Warwick, 82 Wanting to Date Pete Davidson, 29

Shots Fired! Update on Dionne Warwick, 82 Wanting to Date Pete Davidson, 29

Among the many adjectives used to describe Pete Davidson’s dating history, the most suitable are: rich and exquisite. The very same adjectives are also used to describe legendary singer and Twitter queen as of late, Dionne Warwick. Similarities aside, there is a startling 53 years wide and six Grammys long distance separating the two. And despite the majority of the internet agreeing that Pete Davidson can in fact bag the shiniest of jewels, Dionne Warwick still remains platinum. However, the singer herself entertained her fans when she tweeted that she will be dating Pete Davidson next.

It isn’t news to many that the chart-topping singer who used to rock the world with her tunes with a mic in her hand has now chosen Twitter and her jokes as her weapon of choice. Had this tweet been about anyone else, it would have been out of the question. But it is about Pete Davidson, also widely accepted as the picture definition of a casanova. Therefore, when Warwick attended the MusiCares Persons of the Year’s red carpet, fans had to know what the update was on her relationship with the comic. And the Grammy-winning singer was more than willing to update.

Dionne Warwick updates fans on her progress with Pete Davidson

Warwick declared in November 2022 that she will be dating Pete Davidson next. Funny enough, the stand-up comic’s rumored girlfriend at that time, Emily Ratajkowski, had liked the tweet. The couple has broken up since then, with Davidson cleaning up his tattoos and focusing on his acting career. And Dionne Warwick has been on her One Last Time tour, still unclear if it actually is.

Both individuals have made plenty of progress on their own, however, according to Warwick’s latest revelations, they haven’t made much progress together.

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When asked on the red carpet if she went on a date with the stand-up comic, Warwick, who was accompanied by her son Damon Warwick, said “No”, as reported by Fox News Digital.

It is important to clarify that the questions that followed up are written are dipped in the same ink as the tweet; it is called a joke. Damon Warwick looked very disapproving of the question and is completely in sync with those who did not find 89-year-old Warwick tweeting about dating 29-year-old Pete Davidson funny. Maybe he hasn’t listened to her famous cover of Elton John’s ‘Love Song’. Whatever the case may be, it has definitely thrown our guess of who Pete Davidson might date next, out the window.

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