Already Moved On? Pete Davidson to Remove His Kim Kardashian Tattoos During His Beach Vacay With Chase Sui Wonders

Already Moved On? Pete Davidson to Remove His Kim Kardashian Tattoos During His Beach Vacay With Chase Sui Wonders

We all know that the inked body of Pete Davidson is as popular as his dating history. The American comedian has accumulated dozens of tattoos in the past few years. From a cute white unicorn to Winnie the Pooh to tributes to his former girlfriends, these inks hold many sentimental memories. Reportedly, Pete has more than 70 tattoos on his body, some of which were carved in honor of his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

During his courtship with the American socialite, he boldly etched the word KIM on his chest. Since he wanted to tell the world about his blooming romance with the reality star, however, this relationship became another ode in the life of the Saturday Night Live star as the couple suddenly broke up after nine months. And now the 29-year-old actor has finally let go of all the memories by removing the tattoos related to his former girlfriend.

Pete Davidson burned off tattoos dedicated to Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson was recently seen with Chase Sui Wonders on a beach vacation in Hawaii. The rumored new couple seemed to enjoy a romantic getaway splashing in the water together. While the photos obtained by Daily Mail revealed something more shocking.

It was spotted that the Cute Meet star has burned off all the tattoos dedicated to Kim Kardashian. The Suicide Squad star sent out the message with his shirtless body in the ocean that he does not wish to keep any connections to the past.

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Moreover, this multifaceted artist looked happy with his Bodies Bodies Bodies costar on the tropical holiday. Wonders, 26, was sporting a hunter-green bikini, while Davidson was seen in multi-colored swim trunks and a black baseball cap.

And if you don’t know, this tattoo removal decision wasn’t something instant because the Marmaduke star was captured last year with a bandage on his collarbone. Many people speculated at the time that he removed the My girl is a lawyer ink through laser treatment. After all, it wasn’t only a rumor, as we saw in the new photos, that Pete Davidson got rid of those inks.

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What do you think about this decision taken by the ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian? Drop your views in the comments.

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