” An unspoken level of…” – Relationship Expert Weighs in on Pete Davidson’s Extravagant Dating Life and Why He Dates A-Listed Women

” An unspoken level of…” – Relationship Expert Weighs in on Pete Davidson’s Extravagant Dating Life and Why He Dates A-Listed Women

Pete Davidson who has a long list of dating celebrities is one of the most talked-about people right now. From Ariana Grande to Kanye West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, Davidson has dated them all. While his most shocking relationship with Grande ended soon after the ex-couple declared they were engaged, is there any reason the American comedian jumps one after the other relationships? A dating expert named Christiana Maxion analyzed the dating pattern of Davidson and has shared her thoughts.

Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Carly Aquilino, Cazzie David, and many more A-listed women have been on the list of Davidson’s dating history. According to the dating expert, this is not a healthy way of dating. Not recovering completely from one relationship, is Davidson trying to fill the void in himself? Why does he jump into one relationship after the other? Why couldn’t he be in a stable relationship for a longer time? Maxion seems to have all the answers.

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Is Pete Davidson trying to prove anything to his exes?

While everyone has the right to choose their partner, the dating history of the American comedian is shockingly unhealthy, according to the dating expert. However, the comedian dates only A-listed celebrities. “Being so famous comes with an unspoken level of loneliness as you feel so unable to live what is considered a ‘normal life’,” said the expert. By analyzing the pattern, Maxion said Davidson could not spend alone time with himself. She added he might be constantly seeking validation from dating high-profile celebrities. It seemed he was now addicted to pursuing a relationship with these celebrities.

It also raised the question of making his previous partners jealous or proving to them he was over them. Is he searching for the best than the last? Maxion also explained the psychological aspect of this kind of behavior. She said those who cannot date themselves and get security from themselves are a huge red flag in any relationship.

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Now that an expert analyzed this side of the comedian, it certainly gives everyone something to think about. Do you agree with Christiana Maxion? What are your thoughts about Pete Davidson and his dating life?

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