SHOCKING! Fans Notice Olivia Wilde’s Name on Harry Styles’ ‘Banned’ List for His ‘Love on Tour’, Which Kendall Jenner Attended

SHOCKING! Fans Notice Olivia Wilde’s Name on Harry Styles’ ‘Banned’ List for His ‘Love on Tour’, Which Kendall Jenner Attended

Harry Styles is someone who is famous not just because of his work but also for his affairs. He got into a relationship with actor-director Olivia Wilde two years ago. Both of them worked as co-stars in the film Don’t Worry Darling, which was directed by Wilde herself. Both of them began dating in September 2020.

The “As It Was” singer is currently on his concert tour, Love on Tour to promote his studio albums, Fine Line and Harry’s House. Meanwhile, his fans have spotted something weird in one of his security guards’ pockets, which directly links to Wilde. What is it?

Did Harry Styles really ban Olivia Wilde from his concert?

It is very usual for people to block their exes from social media after the breakup. But it seems like Harry Styles has gone a step ahead and banned Olivia Wilde from his concert, something stars like Kendell Jenner attended. This made headlines when some of his fans spotted a picture of Wilde in his security guard’s pocket, which they concluded to be a list of “banned people.”

According to Your Tango, when the hawk-eyed fans zoomed into the paper inside the guard’s pocket, what appeared to be a picture of Wilde among others. The picture that’s seen on the list and is suspected to be on the ban list was posted two years ago by the actor-director on her Instagram.

It is natural to assume that the person whose picture appears on the list is one of the barred individuals. Some fans have suggested other scenarios, but the one that makes the most sense is for the list to be the one consisting of names with “all access” to the concert. But a lot of fans seem to disagree with the “all-access” notion and here is how they are reacting.

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One person commented, “It literally has a black bar. That’s a blacklist.” 

Agreeing with the first commenter, another said, “I work in the music industry and it’s all the same. That’s definitely a blacklist.”

A certain TikTok user McKenna Maureen came up with a logical explanation as to why it is a blacklist. She has quite an experience with big sporting events and guaranteed that the “all access” permit thing is incorrect. “If you do a badge, it’s very cut and clear. I can almost guarantee that’s what the form does, as well. So that is not an all-access list. That is probably a banned list,” she added.

Olivia Wilde seems to be mending old relationships

Multiple sources in November 2022 confirmed that Harry and Olivia are “on a break.” The most logical reason provided behind this was that the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer is quite busy with his tour, whereas Wilde wants to focus on her kids. Sources have also said that both of them share a very good bond and are close friends even after the alleged breakup.

Meanwhile, she is allegedly recovering her terms with her ex-fiance and baby daddy Jason Sudeikis after her breakup with the British pop star. According to BuzzFeed, both Wilde and Sudeikis have been in a long feud with each other after they split up. But the 38-year-old actress is now working on her relationship with her ex.

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