Harry Styles’ Heart Once Raced for Ryan Gosling That Left the Barbie Actor Concerned

Harry Styles’ Heart Once Raced for Ryan Gosling That Left the Barbie Actor Concerned

Ryan Gosling is a celebrity of celebrities. The Notebook heartthrob is considered one of the sexiest men alive and his acting and charm only add to his appeal. Recently, the actor is speculated to be married to long-time girlfriend Eva Mendes. But that has not kept other actors from crushing on Gosling.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles himself is an iconic singer with a massive fan following all over the globe. But the singer seemed to have a big crush on Ryan Gosling. When Gosling was asked to react, he gave a rather hilarious reaction with some concern.

How did Ryan Gosling react to Harry Style’s crushing over him?

When one says Ryan Gosling is a heartthrob, Harry Styles took it in a literal sense. As per reports from ELLE, the singer guest-starred on BBC 1 Radio. During the interview, he took the Heart Monitor test. The tests would involve showing him different pictures, one of which belonged to Ryan Gosling. And seeing The Notebook actor’s photo made Styles’ heart beat faster.

Fast forward, Gosling was at Comic-Con when he was asked whether he was aware of the incident regarding the English songwriter. He reacted in a rather sarcastic way by saying, “I am more concerned that he might have a heart condition, and it’s less about me and more about something serious”. He ended his response by adding how his prayers are with the former One Direction singer.

Apparently, Style’ normal heart rate during the questions was between 60-70 beats per minute. But it increased to over 80 bpm on seeing Gosling’s picture. The Adore You singer even commented, “looking very handsome” on seeing the actor’s photo pop up.

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Currently, Gosling is busy on the shoots of his movie Barbie, ready to be seen in a new avatar. On the other hand, Styles has been collecting some Grammy nominations for his songs after he split from One Direction to kick-start his solo career as a singer. Perhaps he and Harry could work together someday on a music video. Would you like to see that happen? Comment your thoughts.


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