“She’s got a spell over him” – Prince Harry’s ex accuse Meghan Markle of robbing him of peace and privacy

“She’s got a spell over him” – Prince Harry’s ex accuse Meghan Markle of robbing him of peace and privacy

Amidst the whirlwind of controversies surrounding the docuseries, former acquaintances have come back to Harry and Meghan Markle. The six-part-docu series, which dropped its final episodes a few hours ago, had already got some commentators around it. After coming from the Royal experts and other outrageous journalists, it seems like Harry’s former flings like Catherine Ommanney have also got something to add. 

Surfing quite frequently on the headlines recently, Prince Harry’s ex, Catherine Ommanney, has talked in terms with the eminent Royal commentator, Piers Morgan. Having a brief chat on the national television broadcast, she seemingly had some complaints against Meghan Markle. She apparently does not like what Prince Harry has currently turned into by being around his wife. 

Catherine Ommanney says Meghan Markle has cast a spell over Prince Harry

The TV reality star affirmed that her ex, Prince Harry, has grown drastically stranger to her. For all of it, she holds the Duchess responsible as she believes, “She [Meghan Markle] got a spell over him.” Supporting her statements, she stated the person she knew “would have never agreed to a Netflix series.” Ommanney continued putting her opinions on the table stating the Prince, when they were in contact, “desperately searched for freedom and privacy.” 

However, as per recent developments, “what he has done has completely turned the whole situation.” The star is under the notion that the Prince, after his marriage with the former American actress, has got no freedom and privacy. Harry’s ex-girlfriend doubts if she will ever recognize him anymore. This is because, according to her, she could not figure out who he was in the Netflix show. Speaking with Morgan, Catherine Ommanney concluded by saying that Harry used to be a ‘normal’ and ‘down-to-earth person.’

Hence, she deems it impossible to connect with Harry in terms ever again. “There’s so little of him I actually recognize,” she said. Prior to this, Ommanney had also created a stir in social media by speaking of Harry’s upcoming book. She expressed her doubtfulness about whether the Prince will mention her in his memoir. The television personality also sat with The Sun the other day to reminisce about her passionate moments with Prince Harry in the past. 

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