US Star Catherine Ommanney Recalls The “passionate kiss” She Shared With Prince Harry On Their Dates

US Star Catherine Ommanney Recalls The “passionate kiss” She Shared With Prince Harry On Their Dates

It has been no secret to the world that Meghan Markle’s husband Prince Harry had a romantic history before he met his wife. While some lost their chance with the Prince, a few others deliberately gave up due to the burgeoning pressure of media attention. Needless to say, the Prince’s serious relationship stories with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas have made the most headlines. Both of them were, in fact, invited to the wedding by Meghan Markle. However, there are also some others who were just normal flings for the teenage Prince, such as Catherine Ommanney.

The massive speculation around the Duke’s upcoming memoir has caused many past relationships to surface back. One such friend or a “fling” to the younger Prince was Ommanney. The current US star has reportedly recalled her passionate times with Prince Harry in an interview. Meanwhile, she also expressed her unlikeliness to have a mention in the highly anticipated memoir. 

Catherine Ommanney opens up about her romantic history with Prince Harry 

The US Television personality sat with The Sun on Sunday, to have a conversation intended for a flashback. Catherine Ommanney went down memory lane to express how Prince Harry gave her “the time of her life” on their private dates. Adding to more revelations of her intimate moments with the Duke, she said they had the most “passionate kiss” like teenagers.

In fact, as per the actress’ words, they had even posed for a couple of bathtub photoshoots together. Interestingly, Ommanney also affirmed she had a nickname for her “toyboy” as ‘Baby.’ This was supposedly for Prince Harry’s obsession with lollipops. The TV persona, now 51, revealed Harry liked sucking off the candies when he was young. 

However, when the Duke was questioned about all his previous relationships, he made his intentions clear in the famous Oprah Winfrey interview. The Duke of Sussex alongside his Duchess confessed that whatever everyone might think of him, he is determined to be the best husband to Meghan Markle. And evidently, he has been all true to his words so far. 

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Were you aware of Prince Harry and Ommanney’s relationship? 

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