“She’d piss her fu**ing pants” – Billie Eilish Teases More Secrets-reveal In the Sixth Part of Her Vanity Fair Interview

“She’d piss her fu**ing pants” – Billie Eilish Teases More Secrets-reveal In the Sixth Part of Her Vanity Fair Interview

After kicking off the final Australian leg, marking the end of her World tour, the Happier Than Ever singer now has a slew of projects coming up. And as a matter of fact, interviewers never get enough of Billie Eilish. The most prominent among them, Vanity Fair, which has been keeping a tab on the 20-year-old pop singer for years, is now back in the headlines. 

This came yesterday when Billie Eilish gave us a recent update through Vanity Fair‘s YouTube channel. The Sixth Part, which means the sixth installment of the interview, will kick off anytime soon. The release date is fixed for the 28th of November, and Eilish has recently given us a sneak peek into what the audience should expect. Seems like the star has a lot to say about her younger self in the upcoming interview. 

Billie Eilish gives a teaser for her Sixth interview with Vanity Fair 

For the teaser behind the clapperboard, Billie Eilish uttered a few words that gave a clear hint of what the upcoming interview was going to be about. “Oh, I wish the younger me could see me now,” she said, recalling her past life. Indicating the drastic change that she has gone through as a teenager, Elish further commented, “She’d piss her fucking pants.” Not being able to hold back further, she was overwhelmed as she admitted how wildly different everything was now. 

The Seven-time-Grammy winner first sat down with Vanity Fair back in 2017 when she had miles ahead to come. The star was just in the infancy stages of her career, with all her well-deserved accolades overdue. Nevertheless, over the course of time, she emerged as a top-tier brand in herself, giving tough competition to other giants of the industry. 

The “phenomenal series” as fans call it shows how far the young megastar has come. Vanity Fair has been dedicatedly following the star for the last five years. When the 20-year-old Billie Eilish made her first debut at the age of 13, everyone was under the impression of how dark and miserable she was. However, it only went uphill for her. Ever since, with her top-rated music albums, Eilish has shown remarkable progress in terms of mental soundness and self-improvement. 

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The star once again sits down with a brand new haircut, all topped up in black to narrate stories of her childhood. Are you excited about her sixth interview in the saga? Let us know in the comments below 

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