“She could not get over” – Will Smith Revealed the One Thing That Rihanna Loved About His Movie ‘Emancipation’

“She could not get over” – Will Smith Revealed the One Thing That Rihanna Loved About His Movie ‘Emancipation’

Rihanna was all praises for the Will Smith starrer movie Emancipation. The actor has been busy promoting the movie all over after, appearing in interviews and keeping fans in touch through social media. Since the Oscars event, the entertainer was off the spotlight for months, before making public appearances again.

Smith was also to surprise people at the private screening but tested positive for coronavirus and had to be quarantined. Although the movie is days away from its release, several celebrities have already attended private screenings of the movie. Umbrella singer Rihanna also revealed the one thing that she loved about the movie.

Will Smith reveals what Rihanna loves about Emancipation

Rihanna makes one of the several celebrities that came out in support and praise for the periodic drama movie Emancipation. During an interview with E! the 54-year-old actor spoke about the movie and Riri’s reaction to it. “Rihanna loved the cinematography” also adding that, “She could not get over the look of the film and how it felt.

But she was not the only one; Tyler Perry and Dave Chappelle also attended the Apple TV+ movie’s private screening. The I am Legend actor stated how black people talk to the screen directly, and therefore do not need to ask anyone else in the room for opinions.

This is Will Smith’s first movie since the Oscar incident, and crucial for him career-wise as well as financially for Apple TV+. The movie cost around $120 million to make. Smith was originally skeptical about making a slave-based movie, but the flick tells the story of ‘whipped Peter,’ a slave who ran away from the plantation around 1863.

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While the movie is expected to be the ‘meat and potatoes’ of movie-making, the plot should be a fail-proof formula. But despite this, Emancipation has received quite mixed reviews so far, but the movie is also making rounds for a potential Oscar nomination.

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