‘Emancipation’ Reviews Are In! Did Will Smith Manage to Impress the Audience and Create a Place for Him Post Oscar Slapgate?

‘Emancipation’ Reviews Are In! Did Will Smith Manage to Impress the Audience and Create a Place for Him Post Oscar Slapgate?

Emancipation reviews are finally in! Will Smith recently sat down with Kevin McCarthy for the first time after his infamous holocaust. The 54-year-old star came in peace to talk about his upcoming historical drama. He addressed the viewers, saying that he would understand if people were not yet ready to see his movies. However, he also tried to urge fans to not let all the hard work and time invested by his team go in vain.

The actor said that it would be wise if people give him a second chance and might not judge the present by the past actions. We all know that the Men in Black star is one of the most incredible artists of the generation. But did he manage to impress the audience and create a place for himself post-Oscar Slapgate?

Emancipation reviews have a lot to say about Will Smith’s comeback 

Antoine Fuqua’s Emancipation is based on a true story of Gordan, a former slave who exposed the American slavery and joined abolitionist movement in the 1800s. The movie maps the brutal journey of Peter in a world of never-ending nightmares and relentless chase. According to the reviews given after the premiere of the film, it seems that Will Smith has once again presented layers of sheer talent and skill.

“Smith sweats and groans through an astoundingly visceral performance marked by exhaustion and pain,” remarked The Wrap. The report stated that the actor has convinced viewers with his remarkable presentation and connected spiritual fortitude to freedom.

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The Guardian has also called the movie a “somber thriller.” While the Oscar-winning actor is appreciated for bringing all the violence of civil war on screen “with a physical stillness and defiantly steady gaze.” Adding more to the praise, Variety has said that the audience will be sobbing and covering their eyes while watching this slavery saga.

Social media is exploding with positive fan reactions 

Emancipation will be out tomorrow in select cinemas and later on the Apple+ app.

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