When Margot Robbie’s Mother Had to Warn Her to Be Careful Around Will Smith Amidst Rumors

When Margot Robbie’s Mother Had to Warn Her to Be Careful Around Will Smith Amidst Rumors

They say never force a connection, but when it’s there, don’t deny it as well. Will Smith and Margot Robbie have that natural connection that brought them closer. But it turned into a rumor of the stars having an affair. However, while both the actors denied it and stated they were close friends, Robbie’s mother was concerned about her daughter, too.

When the King Richard star and Margot Robbie first met, they were auditioning for their film Focus. Since then, these two actors have developed a great bond with each other. Addressing the rumors, the Barbie actress even said she wouldn’t date men from the industry. But when she worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, rumors of them having an affair were also spread. Well, the family members of Robbie expressed their concern and told her to be careful as well.

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Margot Robbie got a warning to be careful when around Will Smith

The most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time with the most unexpected people. Something similar happened with Margot Robbie and Will Smith as well. While filming Focus in 2015, the two actors instantly got comfortable with each other. They developed an instant and deep chemistry, which became a concern for the people around them. It was something that neither of them was expecting. Therefore, their chemistry wasn’t forced, which made their filming experience fun and exciting.

Because of their chemistry on-screen and off-screen, the rumors started, which influenced Margot’s family, too. Her mother told her to be careful when she was around the Men in Black actor next time at a party. However, the Wolf of Wall Street star explained to her mother there was nothing going on between her and her co-star. As much as she hates this part of her occupation, the Barbie star said it was unavoidable.

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The frustrated actress said if she would lock herself in a dark room, the media would still put her together with someone. Well, that is the price one has to pay for being a public entity.

Although both the actors have said they have a platonic relationship, what are your views about it? Share your opinions in the comment box below.

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