‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 on Fire for Inconsistent Editing and Fake Storyline, Here’s All the Evidence

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 on Fire for Inconsistent Editing and Fake Storyline, Here’s All the Evidence

It is common knowledge that reality shows are all edited. But none has been so blatant as Selling Sunset season 5. Even a cast member has confirmed the numerous fake situations created for drama. The office scenes are a major indication that all you see isn’t real. Who talks about the dramas in their life in the office and has laptops turned off? Are they even working?!

Here are all the staged scenes that couldn’t evade our eagle eyes. 

Jason talking on the phone on Selling Sunset season 5 but his camera app is open

In Selling Sunset season 5 episode 5, Jason takes a client’s call. However, if you look closer, there’s no caller ID. In fact, what you will see instead is the shutter button of a camera app.

It seems much of real business takes place offscreen, and it’s just reacted for TV later.

Emma and Ben Affleck never matched

Emma tells Chrishell that she matched with Ben Affleck on the celebrity dating app Raya. Later, however, the actor has denied ever texting her. He isn’t active on the app for many years! 

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Selling Sunset 5 writers cooked up the Christine bribing storyline in Selling Sunset season 5

A major plot of the fifth season is Christine bribing Emma’s client $5000 to drop Emma and work with her instead. This was hard for many viewers to digest, for the girl is extremely wealthy!

Christine once posted before the season aired.

The reality star has herself confessed plenty of times that the situations are made up. Even the meeting between Mary, Jason, and her was fake.

Edited conversations 

When Christine and Amanza meet up in episode 2, Christine orders the same drink as the latter. In the next cut, a new drink appears before Christine without the waitress bringing it.

Then again it disappears and the waitress brings the same drink as Amanza. And again the old drink comes back and then again the new drink replaces it. We were just as confused as you watching this Selling Sunset episode! 

Again in the final episode, Christine and Chelsea order drinks. And poof, they are gone and a few seconds later magically reappear again.

This simply suggests that we don’t hear the full conversation. It’s edited to twist things up and further the already fake plots in the series. Looks like, Selling Sunset creators need to learn a lesson or two on managing drinks and editing from the creators of Love is Blind and The Ultimatum.

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