Self-Appointed Comedian vs Twitter Appointed Comedian: Who Between Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart Makes You Rofl More?

Self-Appointed Comedian vs Twitter Appointed Comedian: Who Between Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart Makes You Rofl More?

Ryan Reynolds has created an entire niche for himself by never officially committing himself to comedy, but making sure it is the main element of everything that has his name on it. The actor produces top-notch comic skits with his production company Maximum Effort, another pun play. And more often than not, everyone has their fingers crossed for Reynolds to win an award, not only because he is an extremely talented actor but also because his acceptance speeches are a stand-up comedy segment on their own. But can he beat Kevin Hart in a battle of comedy?

A name in the league of standup comedy that has made sure his impact exceeds the years is Kevin Hart. Similarly to Reynolds, any time Hart is on stage with a mic, it ends up in the audience laughing out loud. The two, albeit hilarious, don’t have much in common except for The Rock. While the two are rarely compared, a Twitter thread pit each of the actor’s humors against one another.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart often associate themselves to larger-than-life action movies. Reynolds’ biggest hit Deadpool dips its foot as much as in action as it does in humor. This proved to be a key factor in making it a global success. Apart from Deadpool, which many believe is just Reynolds in a parallel universe, the actor carries the same humor filled punches to Free Guy and Red Notice. Kevin Hart too follows a similar approach when starring in a movie. So who is funnier?

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Who is funnier among Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart in movies?

Originally a stand-up comic, Hart is comfortable in roles which fondle his comedic traits. Many that were intrigued by the Ryan Reynolds vs Kevin Hart Twitter thread also pointed towards the same. With respect to movies, Kevin Hart, given his experience with stand up comedy, throws louder punches. His jokes are downright funny and pull a laugh from all three generations while watching his movies. Reynolds’ sense of humor, on the other hand, is more nuanced, layered, and pure gold.

Apart from jokes, Reynolds has yet to be stereotyped as the “funny character” in Hollywood, which unfortunately is the case for Hart. The Deadpool actor often stars in roles that hold a serious presence on the screen, and comedy is just the bonus. In conclusion, both the actors have a funny bone and it just depends on which bone you want to pick.

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