“Season 5 is on steroids” ‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Shed Light on the “Bigger, Better, More Bada**” Season With the Best Finale

“Season 5 is on steroids” ‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Shed Light on the “Bigger, Better, More Bada**” Season With the Best Finale

Looks like we are moving a little too fast this year, or Netflix is a bit too excited about the new season of Cobra Kai. Hence, instead of making fans wait for a rather long period, we will get Cobra Kai Season 5 in September, even though Season 4 was released in December 2021. Following the announcement of season 5 and the teaser, the cast of the show came together to share a little about the new season. And according to them, it is going to strike hard!

William Zabka, Thomas Ian Griffith, Peyton List, and many more cast members are featured in a video posted by Sony Pictures Television. They talked about the upcoming season, and what all will we see in it. Here is everything they talked about in the Twitter video.

The cast is in the mood for a “bigger and crazier” season 5 of Cobra Kai

Just like any good thing about Cobra Kai, this video starts with Johnny Lawrence as well. We see him punch a hole in a wall. And then we see the big bad of season 5, Terry Silver. According to the actor, the fifth season of the Netflix Original is a wild ride. “Season 5 is on steroids,” says William Zabka. “It’s even bigger and better and faster and funnier and deeper“. Zabka also revealed that there will be a lot of depth, humor, bada** karate, amazing music, and of course, Thomas Ian Griffith.

We also got a hint at how amazing Chozen is going to be in this season. We already know that he is gasoline, but hearing a little something else about him was intriguing. Additionally, we also had our favorite geek, Demetri, share his opinion on the season as well. “It’s gonna be awesome. I can’t wait for you guys to see it,” said Gianni DeCenzo.

To add to that, we had the very handsome Tanner Buchanan share his thoughts on the show. He said that there can be a few things that a lot of the fans are not expecting, which makes us even more eager for the Cobra Kai Season 5. Why is it not September already? It also featured Peyton List in the video, where she talked about how Season 5 has the best finale of all the other seasons of.

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Tell us what do you think will be the biggest surprise in Cobra Kai Season 5 in the comments below.

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