5 Things Fans Are Highly Anticipating From ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 as the Stakes Rise

5 Things Fans Are Highly Anticipating From ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 as the Stakes Rise

There is only a handful of series that actually has all its fans hooked to it even after 5 seasons. And though Netflix is going through a rough patch with a number of its shows, Cobra Kai is definitely not one of them. Ever since the show aired its first season on the streaming platform, it has only increased its popularity. It has truly shown how to revive an old story, as it brought back Karate Kid movies, and make them relevant with news and intriguing additions to the plot. That is what will happen in Cobra Kai Season 5 as well.

While there is a lot that has happened and will happen in the fifth season of the show, there are few things that fans are really looking forward to. Here is a small list of everything that fans are desperately waiting to see when Cobra Kai Season 5 hits screens in September 2022.

Chozen vs Terry Silver: The biggest fight of Cobra Kai Season 5

We have to talk about the sole biggest fight that we will witness in this season of the Netflix Original. Ever since a faceoff between Silver and Chozen was hinted at in the last moments of Cobra Kai Season 4, we knew this was coming and yet we were surprised when we saw the first glance of the rivalry.

And I am gasoline,” will go down as one of the most bad a** moments in the history of the entire show. And the fact that it came from someone who practices Miyagi-Do and not Cobra Kai karate is a beautiful irony. It will truly be the most amazing thing to see both these veterans go up against each other during the course of the season.

Miguel and Robby rematch/team-up

A lot of the Cobra Kai storyline is built around the two young boys, Miguel Dias and Robby Keene. The former is a student of Johnny Lawrence, while the latter, even though is Johnny’s son, is a practitioner of Miyagi-Do Karate, and Daniel LaRusso’s student. And ever since the show began, there has been this tension between these boys.

The time when Miguel suffered a life-threatening injury from a brawl in school is clear evidence of how deadly the rivalry between these two has been. And that is exactly what many fans are expecting from this new season. The teaser does hint at yet another fight between the two. However, some fans predict the duo will actually work together to take down Cobra Kai. This is very much possible because Robby seems to be regretful of his past actions. While in season 4 finale we saw him beginning to make amends with Johnny, we can hope for his regretfulness extend to Miguel. And should they team up, they will truly be a formidable force.

Tory’s journey in Cobra Kai Season 5

During the finale of Cobra Kai Season 4, we saw Tory witness two peaks of emotions within a matter of a few minutes. First, she won the All Valley Championship for her dojo by defeating Sam in the last fight. And then, she witnessed how Silver paid the referees to make sure that Cobra Kai doesn’t lose the championship.

Now, Tory is supposed to be one of the bad ones on the show. However, we have seen time and again that she has her own moral code. Therefore, it will be interesting what she does when we meet her again in season 5 of Cobra Kai. She could’ve gone to LaRusso, but she is what you may call an arch enemy to his daughter, Sam. Whatever she does, it is definitely going to be a great journey to witness.

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Kreese’s role in the story

Cobra Kai is undoubtedly synonymous with the very founder of the dojo. No, not Johnny Lawrence, he merely revived it, it was his sensei, John Kreese, who established the killer dojo, which dons cobras on their gee. However, towards the end of the fourth season, Silver played a little dirty trick and got Kreese arrested. Thus, claiming the Cobra Kai dojo for himself.

Now, as far as we know Kreese, he will definitely not sit idly while his dojo manufactures blood-thirsty teenagers. There was a change of emotion that we witnessed in Kreese as well, where he actually showed care for his students. Hence, it will intrigue us to see what he does to get back his dojo. It will definitely not be easy, but then again, Kreese is not a man who likes to do simple things.

Johnny Lawrence and his quest to find Miguel in Mexico

Upon learning that his father actually lives in Mexico, Miguel decided to travel to the country and look for his father to get the much-needed closure. But it is not that simple. Miguel’s mother, Carmen, reveals that her husband is actually a criminal, and that is why she moved away with her mother and Miguel. That is when Johnny promised her he will bring back Miguel home.

Now, however little we saw of Johnny and Robby in the teaser, all of it was from their trip down to Mexico, and it looks anything but boring. We already saw them joining the FBI (not really, though) and also fighting a number of people. Hence, it will be interesting to see what all Johnny does on his trip.

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What is something you are looking forward to in Cobra Kai Season 5? The comments are open to each one of you!

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