Sadie Sink Speaks About Her Character in New Movie, ‘Dear Zoe’, Says “It’s like a really tough mindset…”

Sadie Sink Speaks About Her Character in New Movie, ‘Dear Zoe’, Says “It’s like a really tough mindset…”

Just like her fellow co-star Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink is also quickly filling up her filmography. The 20-year-old first broke out on the scene with her portrayal of Max Mayfield on Stranger Things. Things quickly took off for her after that. 

She quickly bagged a role in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well and then got a starring role opposite Branden Fraser in The Whale. The young actress is already getting rave reviews for her performance in Darren Aronofsky’s film, however, it looks like she is aiming for the awards with her turn in Dear Zoe. She packs in another delightful performance in the coming-of-age film. In a recent interview with ExtraTV, the redhead discusses her role and the challenges she faced filming it.

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Dear Zoe was a challenge for Sadie Sink 

Dear Zoe is a coming-of-age movie based on Philip Beard’s 2004 novel of the same name. Sadie Sink plays Tess, a teenager who unexpectedly loses her younger sister, Zoe. She now has to come to terms with it, but tensions keep arising between her and her family, which comprises her stepdad, mom, and sister. She seeks refuge in her biological father’s place against the wishes of her parents. There, she not only processes her grief but learns to navigate through the utter chaos of adolescence. 

Playing Tess was a bit of a challenge for Sadie, but it was a great learning experience for her.

“It was a tough mindset to get into. This was a long time ago. This definitely was a tough role and also it was very different from anything I had up until that time,” she shared.

The movie was shot three years ago, making Sink 17 when filming began.

But despite the very demanding emotional scenes, the redhead was able to deliver her scenes well. Since she has a younger sister in real life, she was able to draw from her own experiences. It further elevated her performance.

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The movie will play in select cinemas from November 4. Will you catch the movie in movie theaters or wait for it to arrive on OTT? Let us know in the comments below.

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