Ryan Reynolds Sends Out “Real Disappointing” Temporary Tattoos for Customers in Another Hilarious Mint Mobile Marketing Gig

Ryan Reynolds Sends Out “Real Disappointing” Temporary Tattoos for Customers in Another Hilarious Mint Mobile Marketing Gig

Can you believe it? The enthusiasm and dedication Ryan Reynolds shows in everything he does. With a scale of film and TV projects coming his way, he manages to be a thriving business and marketing savvy. Hollywood’s humor box has transformed advertising through his on-camera charisma to create appealing business tactics.

The Deadpool star is not just a versatile actor or co-owner of a soccer team, but he is constantly with other commerce, including his Aviation Gin and Mint Mobiles. While the 45-year-old star continues to gain the attention of people with his wild advertising campaigns. Now, he sends out “real disappointing” temporary tattoos for customers in another hilarious Mint Mobile Marketing gig.

Ryan Reynolds sends out-of-the-box Christmas gift to Mint subscribers 

In the latest post shared by Ryan Reynolds, he replied to a tweet from one of the Mint Mobile subscribers. “The tattoos are temporary. The savings are permanent,” read the caption of the tweet. Ryan Hadley shared his holiday present — a holiday card and temporary tattoo inscribed with the actor’s face.

While he joked with the king of sarcasm in his tweet saying: “My cell phone provider sent my a Christmas card and a tattoo. Your’s sent you a bill. We are not the same.” 

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This special gift is loved by many customers like Ryan Hadley, who shared the photo of the tattoo on his hand. Moreover, the holiday card was also written in the perfect Reynolds fashion, hilarious as always.

Back in 2019, the Free Guy star turned his Mint Mobile subscription into ownership. And he has been working with the CEO to attain the highest level of customer care in the entire wireless industry. Even David Glickman said in one of his interviews that Ryan Reynolds has taken over the advertising department which boosted the growth.

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Meanwhile, the Vancouver-born star has quoted about the company “While every other tech titan is off chasing rockets, I’ll corner the budget-friendly wireless sector.” He further adds how mobile service is something he uses daily, unlike the rockets, which he supposedly uses only 10-12 times a year.

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