Ryan Reynolds Once Told the Story of How He Got “hooked” to a “pile of junk” He Brought at Age 15

Ryan Reynolds Once Told the Story of How He Got “hooked” to a “pile of junk” He Brought at Age 15

Ryan Reynolds once accepted getting hooked on a pile of junk. The actor has always been very expressive and open about his younger days and personal life. This only helps him connect with the audience no matter what project he is working on. The actor has come a long way from his struggling days on the small screen to becoming an A-lister with multiple ventures. But in all his journeys, what stays in common is him giving a personal touch by sharing a memory from his life.

We see it in his Welcome to Wrexham docuseries, where he talks about his passion for football since a young age, and how he wishes his father was present to see him co-owing the club. The actor was born in a middle-class home in Canada before making it big in Hollywood. Now that he is a big star, he can afford the luxurious dreams of his childhood. On YouTube you would find yet another story of Ryan, his childhood, and a passion that never died, only this time it has something to do with a “pile of junk.

The story of how a pile of junk made Ryan Reynolds fall in love

Ryan Reynolds manages to add a spark to everything by adding a personal touch to it. In a YouTube video directed by Bryan Rowland, the Deadpool actor talked about his passion for bikes. The actor got his bike Triumph Thruxton customized by motorcycle builder Dustin Kott. The small film shoots beautiful scenes of Dustin sparking the bike, and working on his elements with Reynolds running commentary.

During this, we are taken down memory lane to the time when a 15-year-old Ryan purchased a Honda cb750. Ryan described the bike story as “and I bought this pile of crap from a friend, and I just loved it“. The 6 Underground lead was hooked on it instantly.

Thereon, the Spirited lead began escaping for cheap thrills on his bike, realizing how much there is to explore in this big wide world. The bike is just one of his ‘horses’. The ambitious man’s progress led to this collection. Something that he never expected to happen. Adding to Ryan Reynolds journey was the surprise result of his customized Triumph as seen towards the video’s end.

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