Ryan Reynolds Has an Important Question for the ‘Free Guy’ Sequel Supporters

Ryan Reynolds Has an Important Question for the ‘Free Guy’ Sequel Supporters

Ryan Reynolds off late has gained immense recognition not only for his stellar acting performances but for his astounding vision for projects. Ryan Reynolds has shown how a commercial can be funnier than a stand-up comedy set and more informative than a lecture at Yale. His “look at the bigger picture” attitude has also brought Wrexham FC back to life. Although in diverse shapes and sizes, at the end of the day, the craft that Reynolds excels at can best be described as “storytelling”. And one of the most marveled products of his craft is considered to be Free Guy in 2021.

A fictional tale where the supporting characters are working on a video game in which a supporting character realizes that he is a supporting character and decides that he doesn’t want to be one and wrecks havoc and ultimately becomes the main character. Genius? Fans seem to think so because they keep asking for a sequel. And Ryan Reynolds has a bone to pick with them.

Ryan Reynolds discusses Free Guy 2

The movie was the first time Reynolds collaborated with Oscar-nominated director Shawn Levy, and he hasn’t stopped since. From the third installment revolving around the merc with a mouth with Deadpool 3 to a comedy titled Boy Band, the two have announced plenty of projects together. However, some fans have their needle stuck on a Free Guy sequel and for them, Reynolds has a very special message.

I would love it. But also like, does everything fu**ing have to be a sequel? I don’t know,” Reynolds replied to Rob Delaney’s question about Free Guy sequel during the Just For Laughs comedy festival, as reported by Variety.

Be it Hollywood or parenting, you can always count on the Deadpool actor to be honest.

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Fans have a bittersweet reaction to Reynolds’s statement. While some are definitely triggered, others are applauding him for wording it out so well. And some just want to see a Joe Keery spinoff. But why are fans hoping for a sequel?

Why do fans want a Free Guy sequel?

We can understand Reynolds’ frustration with fans asking for a sequel, considering he has several new and exciting projects lined up. But the hype behind the sequel is also pretty logical. Free Guy, with its original and exceptionally executed script, was a blue diamond at a time when many were comfortably banking off on tried-and-tested reboots and spin-offs.

Moreover, the characters are still well and alive in their world with a zero death score from the original. In such circumstances, dreaming of a Free Guy sequel cannot be termed wishful thinking because the ending left enough room for another movie.

Do you also want a sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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