Ryan Reynolds Defied Laws of Gravity in His Latest Mint Mobile Ad With Harvey Fierstein

Ryan Reynolds Defied Laws of Gravity in His Latest Mint Mobile Ad With Harvey Fierstein

Ryan Reynolds is quickly promoting himself to be a marketing genius. In the past few years, he has managed to become one of the most well-liked and famed actors in Hollywood. Right from comedy movies to action heroes, he has aced it all. With ever-increasing fame and net worth, the entertainer has only expanded his horizons, adeptly adding marketing to his resume.

Dipping his hands into big investments, the Free Guy actor purchased an ownership stake in the mobile service provider company, Mint Mobile. The company was a carrier of another carrier company called Ultra Mobile. But Reynolds did not merely stop at investing money. He is very much the face of the company and actively promotes it with some unique advertisements like the recent one.

How Ryan Reynolds uniquely promoted his Mint Mobile advertisement with Harvey Fierstein

Ryan Reynolds just promoted Mint Mobile by taking inspiration from Isaac Newton. The actor, who is very active on Twitter, posted the advertisement on his handle. He captioned the 50-second advertisement with “Introducing the only giant wireless logo that doesn’t end with a giant check.” He can be seen on a giant Mint Mobile logo and jokes about how the company made him do that instead of spending millions on marketing. Harvey Fierstein, who is dressed as Isaac Newton, then appears on the screen. He states how the bill in his hand is defying the laws of gravity, since it only seems to be going up.

Reynolds then introduces Fierstein as the guy who has won four Tony Awards in total. The advertisement then focuses on their main agenda. They have introduced a new scheme of premium wireless connection at $0 for a month. Fierstein is surprised by the scheme used to promote the carrier. The advertisement then ends with Reynolds asking the actor who he is dressed as. The Mulan actor, who is wearing a white wig, clears that he is dressed as Newton.

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The advertisement already has almost 2 million views. The actor has not only promoted this brand of his. He also promoted Gin Aviation and Maximum Effort marketing brand. The entertainment factor and his good name has become a big part of boosting these companies.

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