Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Not Change One Key Aspect of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as It Enters MCU in Big Fashion

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Not Change One Key Aspect of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as It Enters MCU in Big Fashion

Bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine once again to the big screen is one of the most interesting decisions. The fan-favorite character is returning to the MCU after 2017 and it is a big deal for the fandom. Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3 might have a chance of entering a multiverse where Deadpool and Wolverine meet. However, despite all the possible changes, the last installment of the Deadpool film will keep one key thing about Wolverine intact from Logan.

The first two installments of Deadpool films are R-rated. Therefore, the last installment would not be PG-13, which is something even Marvel has confirmed. While bringing Wolverine into Deadpool’s universe is exciting, keeping the character’s key element intact is more important. Originally, Logan is violent and more aggressive than the X-Men films saw. In the original comic books, his aggressiveness is a little exaggerated, unlike in the X-Men film series.

But the upcoming Deadpool 3 will see the character more aggressive and violent just like his pal, Deadpool. This is a great opportunity for the filmmakers to enhance Logan’s character, as per Screenrant’s Marcelo Leite. Given Deadpool 3 is not a PG-13 film, exploring these aspects of Logan would work.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 could see an improved version of Wolverine

The upcoming MCU movie could see an improved version of the character. There is plenty of room for Jackman’s Wolverine to enhance as a character. It would be an exciting improvement for the character and for the fans as well. Given the latest update about Deadpool 3 following the path of Spider-Man: No Way Home, seeing Jackman’s Wolverine in a more aggressive light would be a delightful sight. Not to mention, we could see Jackman donning the comic canon yellow suit, which wasn’t done in previous Wolverine adaptations.

Also, given the pieces of information about the characters in the film, Wolverine would interact with more MCU characters for the first time. The upcoming Deadpool movie also has a chance to combine Jackman’s 2017 Logan’s take on the character. By doing so, they could portray Wolverine in a more enhanced and improvised way, given the sci-fi genre of MCU franchise films.

The film offers a huge scope for doing a lot with Wolverine. Therefore, before laying the character off, Jackman can have a unique and creative take on the character.

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